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Sligo Jazz Project in association with the Hawk’s Well Theatre

Michael Pipoquinha Quartet

with special guest Anna-Maria Hefele

Michael Pipoquinha Quartet (Brazil)

Michael Pipoquinha is one of those self-taught super talents that doesn't come up often in the music scene. The Brazilian virtuoso, who gained much worldwide internet notoriety as a child prodigy, is now 23 and poised to make his mark on the world music scene. He has already wowed audiences at live performances in Europe and South America.

“My idea of a great show is to touch people with my music so they can leave overflowing with joy and a feeling that music heals the soul”.

With a special guest Anna-Maria Hefele, Overtone Singer

One of the most unique artists you are likely to hear, the astonishing overtone singer, Anna Maria Hefele. Overtone singing is a fascinating vocal technique where it seems like one person is singing two notes at the same time. This happens by filtering and amplifying the harmonics that are contained in the sound of the human voice through specific and precise modulations of the tongue and the vocal tract.

Michael Pipoquinha, bass
Pedro Martins, guitar
Leonardo Montana, piano
Adriano DD, drums/percussion