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Close-up of a girl singing with her hands raised either side of her face

Our Programme

Creative expression and participation in the arts transforms lives. Our own productions, creative learning and engagement programmes and our diverse programme of events allow the arts to become a central and valued feature of people’s lives.

We contribute to our cultural landscape in all its diversity, by nurturing local talent and engaging people of all ages in the arts. We offer a platform for local artists to tell their stories to the world.

We collaborate with audiences and artists, individuals, communities and organisations to create a home for the arts in the North West of Ireland, to bring joy to the whole community.


Our Artistic Policy:

Inspiring, Creating and Entertaining


To provide a welcome, friendly venue which gives artistic opportunities to performers in the community and to inspire people of all ages to engage with the arts.


To produce and co-produce new, innovative work by emerging and established artists and support their development.


To present an artistic and vibrant programme, with the best in contemporary and classical work across various art forms.

Diverse Progamme

Our diverse programme welcomes international, national and local performers offering a stage to all communities.

Creative Production

We create shows, events and experiences which entertain and inspire our audiences. We nurture local talent and provide a platform for local artists to the world.


Creative Learning Progamme

We believe in the transformative and healing power of the arts. Our creative learning programme and workshops series allows people to express and engage with their creativity.

Making a Mark Workshop

Get involved with the Creative Learning Programme.

Community Engagement

Our community is at the heart of what we do. We engage with our local community to embed the diverse voices among us within our programme. We aim to reflect the world around us in all that we do and to give voice to our diverse community in all its breadth.

Sligo Sings

Find out more about how you can support our work.