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Our Work with Artists

We give artists the space, time and means to explore and develop ideas. We work with artists to help get creative ideas off the ground. We connect artists and industry professionals and help to secure funding to realise creative projects that go on to be performed on our stage and further afield.

Time at the Well

The Purpose:
The purpose of the Time at the Well award is to support a professional performing arts practitioner, curator, technician, or producer at any stage of their career to develop their art practice. It will provide a performing arts practitioner with the time and resources to think, research, reflect and critically engage with their art. The Time at the Well award is open to performing artists of all disciplines, at all stages in their career, who have presented work in a professional context within the last 3 years.

As an equal opportunities’ employer, we encourage and welcome applications from people of all genders, nationalities, races, cultural backgrounds, ages, religions, languages, abilities, sexual orientations, and socio-economic statuses.

Time at the Well Artists 2024:
This year’s current residents are: actor and writer Charmaine T. Matonsi, actor, musician and theatre-maker Fiona Maria Fitzpatrick and storyteller, emerging theatre-maker, artist and performer Ben Lucent.

Who should apply:
- Professional performing artists currently living in Sligo or the Northwest region
- Performing artists at all stages in their career, who have presented work in a professional context within the last 3 years
- Performing artists of all disciplines who will champion and represent the diversity Sligo has to offer
- A group or individual who is passionate about performance and who is seeking financial assistance or a jumpstart on their creative journey
- Performance artists who are looking to showcase their work

Artists will receive in support:

- Up to €5000 to support your art practice development within the year 2024.
- Support in-kind will be offered and will include – where relevant and possible – access to venue facilities, technical, management and communication support.
- Up to three days stage time.

What will we be required from the award recipient:

- The ability to collaborate with, and adapt to, a flexible timeline for your proposed activities.
- The completion of a report outlining your experience of the award and what you have achieved. This report will be using it to assess the impact of the award and may be shared with stakeholders.
- Participation in publicity of the 2024 Time at the Well award recipients.

Application Process

Download application form here (PDF)

Download application form here (Word)

2025 Award:

The application process for 2025 will open in September 2024.

Communication of results:

Award results will be communicated to all applicants by phone or email.

At this stage, two artists will be awarded and their budgets confirmed. Up to 4 additional artists will also be shortlisted - their final funding offer will be made in early 2024 once the theatre’s 2024 funding is confirmed.

Previous Time at the Well artists

Find out more about previous Time at the Well artists and how they used their awards.

Time at the Well FAQs

Please note the answers to all queries that come into us will be added here so that everyone can have the benefit of all clarifications.

Do I have to have a performance project in mind that I want to produce or develop?

No, this is not a project award so there is no expectation for you to create or develop a piece of work using the award. This award is meant to offer artists support so that you can develop or further your practice in a direction of your choosing. While you are welcome to use the funding to develop a performance project idea, you are more than welcome to use the award however you wish to benefit your professional practice. For example, this could be by collaborating with other artists or by using the funding to engage a mentor to help you progress an area of interest, etc, etc.

I am a visual artist and I am not involved in the creation of work for performance. Can I apply?

No, this award is specifically open to those involved in the performance arts only.

I am from the North West but now based in Dublin. Am I eligible to apply?

No, this award is specifically open to those based in the region currently.

I am starting my career as a performing artist. Am I eligible to apply?

Yes, we welcome applicants from professional artists at all stages of their careers as long as your application fits the criteria as specified in the Who should apply section above.