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Donate now to our renovation fund and help secure our theatre for future generations.

Renovation is urgently needed to address accessibility, flooding, capacity and comfort in our forty year old theatre. The estimated cost of the planned improvements slated to take place in 2023 is €1.52 million.

These plans include:

  • A landmark rebuild of the theatre’s entrance and foyer space
  • Essential flood prevention measures to alleviate flooding in the auditorium.
  • Installation of a lift to improve accessibility.

We have already started, updating the flooring and have installed 340 new theatre seats. The auditorium has been fully painted and a new hearing loop and safety lighting has been installed. New essential theatre equipment, sound desk, lighting desk and projector have been purchased and we have undertaken essential backstage and equipment upgrades.

The major renovation build works are scheduled to be completed in autumn 2023.

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We would be extremely grateful if you would consider making a donation, however small, would be very much appreciated.

For more information, please email

As well as making a once-off donation to the renovation fund, you can become a Renovation Patron or you can Take a Seat.