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  • Sligo Acts: Love!

    Sligo Acts: Love!

    Sun 24 March, 8pm

    Join us for an unforgettable evening celebrating drama in Sligo as our 2019 Sligo Acts programme culminates in a hugely entertaining drama performance based around the theme of Love!

  • Sing For The Hell Of It!

    Sing For The Hell Of It!

    Mon 25 Mar 2019, 8pm

    Join our choirmaster Dave Flynn for a fun sing-a-long evening. No musical experience is required. You don't need to audition, read music, memorise song words, or sing solo. It’s all about just having fun and singing together! There is no commitment, no performance at the end, this is just singing for the hell of it.

  • An Audience with Ricky Tomlinson

    An Audience with Ricky Tomlinson

    Wed 27 Mar 2019, 8pm

    Film star, tv legend and author, Ricky Tomlinson comes to Hawk's Well theatre for a night of fun and entertainment, taking you on a journey through his hugely successful career.

  • Charlie’s a Clepto

    Charlie’s a Clepto

    Fri 29 Mar 2019, 8pm

    Charlie is a kleptomaniac - the doctor told her. Reckons it stems from childhood trauma. But she has the robbin’ completely under control these days. For real.

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The mercurial Ricky Tomlinson of The Royle Family and Brookside fame, and Labour Party supporter, joins us on NWT o……

posted 19 Mar

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‘Wonderful two hander, beautifully acted ‘

Said Pat O'Connor about 'The Matchmaker'