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Anais Mitchell

Anaïs Mitchell is a Vermont and Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter who comes from the world of narrative folksong, poetry and balladry. Among her recorded works are Child Ballads, Young Man in America, and Hadestown, the latter of which she expanded into a musical. Hadestown opened at London’s National Theatre in November 2018 before transferring to Broadway in April 2019. Mitchell has headlined shows around the world, and opened tours with Bon Iver, Josh Ritter, Punch Brothers and Patty Griffin. She is the recipient of a BBC Radio Two Folk Award, and the Folk Alliance International Spirit of Folk Award. If there's a common thread in Mitchell's work it's that she's as interested in the world around her as the one inside her. As the New York Times wrote, “Ms Mitchell’s songs address contemporary angst with uncanny vision….a formidable songwriting talent”.

Anaïs Mitchell’s folk opera Hadestown was named the 2019 Tony Award winner for Best Musical.

 “Ms. Mitchell’s songs address contemporary angst with uncanny vision...a formidable songwriting talent” New York Times

The most engaging, and in some ways, most original artist working in the field of new American folk music” Independent on Sunday

One of the greatest songwriters of her generation” NPR

A national treasure, one of our great modern singer-songwriters” Time Out

Mitchell is a skilled storyteller...and her delivery gives an emotional complexity that welcomes and even demands repeated listens.” Pitchfork

Currently a well-kept secret, Mitchell is writing material that stands comparison with the great singer-songwriters of the past few decades” Daily Telegraph  

 “A charismatic live performer with an idiosyncratic style, and a songwriter of exceptional imagination and perception” The Guardian

Support from Carsie Blanton

New Orleans based Carsie Blanton releases Buck Up on Feb 15, 2019 with a west coast tour with the Wood Brothers. The new album, which features Oliver Wood on the title track, is a collection of narratives flecked with grief but told through Carsie’s infectious swagger and razor sharp wit, buoyed by her silvery vocals.

In addition to her music, Carsie has gained popularity for her blog (which tackles questions of love and sexuality) her music videos (which celebrate female empowerment, dance, and the city of New Orleans) and her card game, The F’ing Truthwhich has been praised by sex columnist Dan Savage and is currently being sold by Urban Outfitters throughout the country.