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Hawk's Well Theatre

Rick Epping, Ruth Clinton and Cormac McDiarmada


Wed 28 June, 2023,
1:10 PM
Date Wed 28 June, 2023, 1:10 PM
Location Hawk's Well Theatre
Musicians by river with pigeon in foreground.

Rick Epping (harmonica, concertina, banjo, jaw harp), a native of California, has been moving back and forth between Ireland and the United States for many years and has been playing the music of both lands since childhood. For many years Epping worked for the Hohner company, and during that time he patented the “Extreme Bending” harmonica. Having played with musical greats as varied as Bill Monroe, Texas bluesman Mance Lipscomb, Joe Cooley and Frankie Gavin.

Multi-instrumentalist, painter and videographer, Ruth Clinton runs a weekly Appalachian music session and also sings with Landless, a four-part harmony group who sing unaccompanied traditional songs.

Multi-instrumentalist Cormac MacDiarmada is best known as a member of Lankum who is usually found playing the fiddle.

Cormac and Ruth perform together regularly delivering new interpretations of old songs, accompanied by fiddle, viola, synth and theremin. Drawing inspiration from Irish and American traditional music, their music has dark and dreamy undertones and features themes of love, loss and the supernatural.


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