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Sligo Sings – Christmas 2021

Join us as we spread some Christmas cheer across Sligo! November means one thing - the excitement of Sligo Sings, our annual choral event where hundreds from across the county get together and sing on the Hawk’s Well stage.

Due to Covid19, we can’t physically be in the Hawk’s Well but we can still have some fun together! Add your voice to our festive virtual choir for Christmas 2021.

The Plan:
We have released 2 short videos (BELOW) featuring our wonderful Choirmaster, Dave Flynn singing two different harmonies. Your job is to pick one video (or both, if you're feeling productive), and listen to it a few times. Once you've wrapped your head around it, we would like you to record yourself singing along with Dave and send your video to us. We will then compile all the videos into a glorious ‘Merry Christmas Everyone’ performance.

How to Record Your Video:
You will need two devices - one to open the video of Dave singing the parts, which you will sing along to and one to record your performance.
Make sure to have the video on a device with headphones so that’s Dave’s voice doesn’t appear on the voice recording of you singing.
Videos should be recorded in landscape (lengthways). iPhones are set to this automatically and androids can be changed easily in the camera app.
If using a phone, don't use the selfie camera. Try to use the the back camera as it’s much better quality. Do a tester shot to make sure you're in view.
Have a look at your tester video to see what is visible in your background.
Now that it is all set up, enjoy a good christmassy sing-a-long with Dave!

How to Send Your Video:
1. Open the website
2. Click on 'Send A File' then 'Add your files' & select your video.
3. Email to
4. In the message field, add your name, location & the part you have chosen to sing, eg (Part 1) Melody or (Part 2) Harmony and click on ‘next’.
5. You will receive notification from we-transfer when the video file is successfully uploaded.

Tell your friends and family, home and abroad about this fun project and help us to keep Sligo singing.

The deadline for your recordings is 3pm, Wed 8th December 2021. 

Thanks to Sligo County Council for supporting this project.

Part One: (Melody) Lyric Sheet


Part Two (Harmony): Lyric Sheet