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Rewilding the Mind: Reconnecting to the Spirit of the Land

with Manchán Magan

Sun 24 Nov 2024,
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Date Sun 24 Nov 2024, 8pm
Location Hawk's Well Theatre
Price €15
A photograph of Manchan Magan taken outside in a field.

In this 70-minute talk Manchán explores the rising connection people are having with the spirit and the lore of the land of Ireland. Beginning with the creation myth and origin story that our ancestors have passed down to us, he examines the mythological and archaeological clues to how our forebears identified with both the physical realm and the magical realms that surround it.

He'll look at the raising awareness of the centrality of the goddess in all aspects of Irish culture, lore and ritual, and how it can help to steer us towards a deeper connection with nature and landscape.

Duration: 70min


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