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High Rock Productions

Caith Amach É

Leaving Cert Irish Oral Workshop

Thurs 7 March, 2024,

School bookings available via box-office at 071-9161518 or

Date Thurs 7 March, 2024, 10.30am
Location Hawk's Well Theatre
Price €12
A close-up photograph of two men looking at two Gaelic football player figurines. The man on the left is looking confused, the man on the right is smiling.

High Rock Productions presents Caith amach é, A smash hit comedy based on the Leaving Cert Irish Oral picture sequences. It’s a fast-paced, physical, comic sketch show covering each of the 20 sraith pictiúir for the Leaving Cert Irish Oral Examination. The show uses a unique mix of theatrical devices such as clown, puppetry, music and audience interaction to bring the sraithpictiúir to life. It’s accessible to students of all levels.

Started in 2011, Caith amach é has been touring schools for many years. It’s been seen by over 75,000 students in over 23 counties. It has been acclaimed by both students and teachers everywhere for inspiring students to enjoy learning Irish.

The show was excellent, the production was really funny and full of energy. The students loved it. They didn't want to go back to class. I'd recommend every teacher in the country to try it. In one word 'Brilliant

The show was excellent. The students really enjoyed it. The production was inspiring and imaginative

I couldn't recommend this show highly enough. It gave inspiration and self-confidence to students as they prepare for the oral exam


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