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The Ballad of Mossy Flood

Written and performed by Seamus O’Rourke

Thurs 22 June, 2023,
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Date Thurs 22 June, 2023, 8pm
Location Hawk's Well Theatre
Price €18/16 conc
The poster for the play The Ballad of Mossy Flood. It's styled as an old Western Wanted poster. At the top of the image it reads "Unwanted". At the centre is a black and white photo of Seamus O'Rourke in character as Mossy Flood. The torso part of the photo is covered with the text "Ballad of Mossy Flood" in a script font.

Mossy Flood has a knack of going the long way around a story. In so doing, he makes us laugh and examine ourselves in a way we haven’t done before. He might be an unsociable odd-ball with a big thick head, but his wrestle with the everyday is pure gold. He will always land on his feet or at least somewhere near his feet... because he is Mossy Flood... and he’s from Longford.After a couple of appearances on social media a few years back, Mossy Flood is probably Seamus O’Rourke’s most loved character... his musings have been viewed millions of times on the internet and now, he finally has his very own show. ‘The Ballad of Mossy Flood’ might just save humanity from self-destruction.


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