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Damian Browne: Man Vs Ocean

Age 13+

Tues 23 Jan, 2024,
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Date Tues 23 Jan, 2024, 8pm
Location Hawk's Well Theatre
Price €27.50
A photograph of Damian Browne wearing a warm jacket while on a trek.

A spoken word performance by Damian Browne, Ireland’s foremost extreme adventurer and the only person in history ever to row 3000 miles across the ferocious North Atlantic from Manhattan, NYC to Galway, Ireland. In an enthralling night of inspiration, entertainment and enrichment, Damian shares extraordinary stories of catastrophe, courage and mental fortitude, intertwined with the life lessons etched into his being from the brutality of one of the world’s most unforgiving environments.

A proud member of a very exclusive club of 9 people to ever row the Atlantic ocean in both directions, Damian uses unseen footage from his 6 months alone at sea to connect and inspire the audience with the harsh reality of rowing an ocean and his fragility and fortitude in the face of the most daunting and fearsome challenges that Mother Nature can muster and a man can endure.

Damian Browne’s story is a captivating exploration of how one man uses extreme physical and mental challenge to forge his true potential.

Age 13+, very minimal usage of strong language, some moving light and minor use of strobing.


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