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Deirdre Correia

Time at the Well 2023 Artists

Black and white photograph of artist holding her instrument with cottage in the background

We are thrilled to announce Deirdre Correia as one of our Time at the Well bursary recipients for 2023. Time at the Well bursaries provide artists with the time and resources to work on a creative project.

Deirdre Correia, was formerly known to Sligo audiences as Deirdre Byron-Smith from musical collaborations with her original band Cadenza and her harp & cello duo work with local cellist, Anna Houston. Deirdre has been working on a solo album of original songs and music for the last two years. Thanks to her selection as one of the Hawk’s Well short bursary artists for 2023, she can fulfil her dream of staging a live performance of this musical endeavour and labour of love.

As a local artist I feel honoured to be one of the recipients of the Hawk’s Well Theatre’s Time at the Well bursary scheme. Being selected as one
of the short bursary artists for 2023 offers me the vital resources I need to bring two full years of work on my lyrical and musical compositions to fruition, To date, all of my work and the associated costs have been a labour of love and a solo endeavour - so this type of opportunity and support is immeasurable, as any struggling artist working alone would undoubtedly agree.