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Cairde Sligo Arts Festival at Hawk's Well

Purple background with the text "Cairde Sligo Arts Festival" in bold white letters.

Inspired by the creative energy of Ireland’s Northwest, Cairde Sligo Arts Festival (6 - 13 July 2024) is a unique coming together of artists and audiences. It is a celebration of imagination and shared experience that welcomes all.

At the upcoming Cairde Sligo Arts Festival, the Hawk’s Well Theatre will be hosting a variety of acts, among them the Felip Carbonell Rumba Experience on Sat 7 July. This brain child of well-known Sligo based Mallorcan musician Felip, is an exciting and ambitious new music project with an anchor in the Catalan Rumba, expanding to other styles of Afro-Cuban and Latin music.

Enjoy some music from GreenBirdFlying as part of the festival at Hawk's Well's 'Lunchtime at the Well' on Wed 10 July. GreenBirdFlying is the alt folk trio of Cliodhna Quinlan, Mark Murphy and Mandi Frankham. As a trio they perform tuneful original folk music and songs with a hint of strangeness that fit around many genres including traditional, old time and americana.

Trash Test Dummies (Pro Tours Theatre) warm up their formations and kick things off with some bin ballet for children on Thurs 11 July. Delightful discoveries are aplenty, jokes abound, silliness ensues and things escalate into an acrobatics routine.

On Fri 12 July, Cairde Sligo Arts Festival also brings a unique opportunity to see four brand new performances across different artistic disciplines by emerging and established artists who are blazing a trail in their own art forms. 'Unveiled', A Showcase of Interdisciplinary Work, will feature Barbarian by Bob Kelly and Diarmuid Armstrong, Wonderhorse by Miriam Needham, Through Our Eyes by Charmaine Matonsi and Wasekera Sekerani, One Hundred Thousand Years by Ashton.

Lastly, don’t miss an incredible opportunity to see the Godfather of popular Malian music at work, the Boubacar Traoré Trio, performing at the Hawk's Well Theatre on Sat 13 July.

Sat 7 July: Felip Carbonell Rumba Experience

Wed 10 July: GreenBirdFlying

Thurs 11 July: Trash Test Dummies

Fri 12 July: 'Unveiled', A Showcase of Interdisciplinary Work

Sat 13 July: Boubacar Traoré Trio

Full details of all Hawk’s Well events are available online, and in the new brochure. For ticketing, visit the website or call the box office on 071 916 1518.