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Renovation Fund: Our Challenges

Funding is urgently needed to improve the theatre’s facilities and appearance. The theatre has been in operation for 35 years and the years have taken their toll on our building. There are two main challenges facing the theatre that we need to address. This fund will enable us to enhance the theatre for the whole community and make the Hawk’s Well truly accessible to everyone.

Recent Floods at Hawk’s Well 

The theatre was badly flooded in December 2015, just as the popular annual pantomime from Coolera Dramatic Society was about to start.  Drainage systems under the theatre couldn’t cope with the extreme rainfall in December and water began to seep up from the ground into the auditorium.

The show, of course, must go on and staff at the theatre, along with members of Coolera Dramatic Society were busy pumping water from the auditorium right up to the opening of the panto. This drainage issue will certainly cause flooding again unless major work is undertaken to the foundations of the building.
Two weeks into the pantomime the theatre was flooded again, this time the water seeped in from the flat roof and through the walls causing more damage to the carpets and threatening the sound desk.


Improving accessibility at the theatre is of upmost importance. Mobility-impaired patrons must enter around the back of the building, passing the boiler and our bins. We find that older patrons prefer to use the main entrance, climbing steps to enter the building at the front and then descending steps to get to the box office and main foyer, which can be difficult for people who have mobility issues. Access within the theatre itself is also far from ideal, with only one position at the back for wheelchair users and no handrail at the sides to help patrons down steps. We have received several complaints from the public regarding accessibly to the theatre so an accessibility review of the building was completed by Adaptable Solutions. This review made several very valuable suggestions regarding accessibility. The renovation fund will aim to implement these recommendations to ensure that the theatre is accessible for everyone. 

Did you know that we are a registered charity?  (charity no. 17611)
Public funding only makes up an average of 35% of our income.  We rely on ticket sales and generous donations from individuals and companies to survive.

Your contribution will help us share the joy of theatre, music and the wonder of the creative arts by creating a world-class theatre for the people of the North West.

We can also channel your donation into programming fun and education events for children or into programming a particular area of the arts that you are interested in. If you would like to support other areas of the Hawk’s Well’s work please let us know. You can donate online by clicking the button below or contact Jane Parsons ( on tel: 071 916 1518 to discuss the different options.

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Your donation, no matter how small, can really make a huge difference to the Hawk’s Well Theatre. Help us to ensure that the arts are an integral part of the lives of the young people of Sligo.

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Photo Credit: Jym Daly