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Sligo Baroque Festival

Sligo Baroque Orchestra & Maria Viksnina

Culture Night

Fri 23 Sep,
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Date Fri 23 Sep, 7pm
Location Hawk's Well Theatre
Price Free
Maria V Iksnina

Sligo Baroque Orchestra & Maria Viksnina present the opening concert of the 27th Sligo Baroque Festival: a programme in two parts.

Part 1 - an animated performance of Les élémens by Jean-Féry Rebel

Part 2 – the introduction of the turban to Ireland by Maria Viksnina

Les élémens, a ballet sans paroles, was notable as it was not a part of an opera, but a stand-alone short ballet which was performed outside in the first performance. It begins with arguably the most astonishing natural wonder in all baroque music: an ear-tingling musical representation of chaos. It is music that was ahead of its time then – and more timely than ever today. After the chaos, which was quite shocking to early listeners – and indeed can be to this very day - the suite goes on to depict the four elements, and there follow seven lively dances.

Part 2 offers audiences an opportunity to hear a torban played for the first time ever in Ireland as a solo and continuo classical instrument. Showcasing this beautiful instrument is Maria Viksnina, an inspirational young musician from Ukraine. She is currently doing post graduate studies in early music in Berlin and has given herself the mission to re-establish the torban as a classical musical instrument. In Ukraine and surrounding countries the torban, an instrument that seems to lie somewhere between a lute and theorbo, was used in courts during the baroque period in a similar fashion – as a continuo instrument, and used to accompany the human voice.

Maria Viksnina will join with Sligo Baroque Orchestra in a performance of a concerto grosso by Heinichen (with solo flute, oboe, violin; strings and continuo). She will also demonstrate the instrument in other pieces including music from 18th century Ukraine. This is Maria’s first visit to Ireland, and the first time a torban has been heard as solo and continuo classical instrument.

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