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Liz Roche Company


Liz Roche’s Wrongheaded merges film, voice and movement to confront the stark realities of women's rights and freedom of choice in Ireland today. The fierce spoken words of Galway poet Elaine Feeney drive the piece, with electrifying performances by exceptional dancers Sarah Cerneaux, Justine Cooper Kevin Coquelard and Jack Webb interwoven with the exquisite work of film maker Mary Wycherley, composer Ray Harman and lighting designer Stephen Dodd.  All elements are gathered together to create an intense forum for emotion and physicality but ultimately, Wrongheaded is a refuge from the debate; a space to consider these issues from a new perspective. 

This performance will be followed by a chat show with the cast, facilitated by Geraldine Duignan.

“..there’s an urgency, immediacy and power to 'Wrongheaded' that catches your breath… Not to be missed.” - The Arts Review 4*

The Arts Review ★ ★ ★ ★
The Irish Times ★ ★ ★ ★
Buzz ★ ★ ★ ★

The extended version for DDF 2018 will include two male dancers for the first time. This is the addition of a vital male voice in the piece and to create space to reflect on the emotive issues raised.

Wrongheaded the short film which is part of this performance has been screened in festivals worldwide from USA and South America to Bucharest, Helsinki (April 2018) and in various festivals in Ireland and the UK. It won Best Score at the Kerry Film Festival for Ray Harman.

Choreographers note:
“We are all are gathered together in this intense mix of emotions and physicality to highlight the frustration that many women feel in relation to the choices available to them around their bodies today in Ireland. The current debate on the repeal of the 8th amendment to our constitution was the starting place of this work but as we found during the process, it is also only the tip of the iceberg in terms of the debate around women's health in our country. 
I wanted to try and present a view from more than one perspective and so Wrongheaded became about the integration of a specially commissioned poem by Elaine Feeney; a new film directed by Mary Wycherley which is an 'abstracted' response to the poem, and the movement material I have made in collaboration with the dancers. In the poem Elaine wanted to convey emotional states of repression and claustrophobia as a tone and the lack of choice, frustration and panic women feel to be very much part of the core of the piece.  It takes the structure of a series of fragmented voices from different positions, bordering on surreal conversations that teeter in and out of reality. From this came the dance and then the film which both search to find a way to somehow free the dancing bodies from the intensity of the words and their often disturbing meanings, resonances and repercussions.”
- Liz Roche

About Liz Roche Company: 
Liz Roche Company is one of Ireland’s leading contemporary dance companies. Currently Company-in-Residence at Dublin Dance Festival and led by choreographer Liz Roche, the company is known for its evocative and compelling dance productions. In the last 15 years, Liz has created over 20 new works for the company, many of which have been presented at prestigious venues and festivals in New York, Beijing, Dusseldorf, Paris, Australia, UK and Ireland. They recently presented “Totems” in the National Gallery of Ireland as part of the programme of event to mark the reopening of the Milltown and Dargan Wings.  In 2015, The Abbey Theatre with Dublin Dance Festival and Kilkenny Arts Festival co-commissioned Bastard Amber for the Abbey stage; the first commission of its kind for an Irish contemporary dance company.