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Isabel Claffey & Órla McSharry

Drama at the Well - Primary Schools

Please email for more information.
Date Please email for more information.
Location Hawk's Well Theatre or at your school
A photograph of children performing in a play

Hawk's Well Theatre Introduction to drama classes offer an opportunity for children at all levels to have fun exploring drama. Our experienced tutors will introduce children to many different drama games and activities designed to spark their imaginations and express themselves creatively.

Drama games and improvisations focus on working together as a group and in smaller groups, with the focus on fun and enjoyment. We tailor classes to the ages of the children involved and can deliver a once-off ‘Introduction to drama’ workshop for one or two classes or as many classes as you wish. These workshops focus on building confidence, exploring creativity, developing team-building and story-telling skills through improvisation.

Please contact for more information.


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