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Hawk's Well Theatre

Creative Club for Teens

Comedy improv with Terry Markey

Mon 12 Jun,
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Date Mon 12 Jun, 2-4pm
Location Hawk's Well Theatre
Price €5
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Comedian and improviser Terry Markey will lead a workshop on comedy improvisation on stage in July. The workshops enable young people to collaborate with other actors to devise and explore characters, narratives and dramatic scenes through improvisation.

The workshop will introduce the core principles of Improv such as listening, accepting and celebrating mistakes. Improv encourages Working as a team, while trusting an individuals own ideas to create narrative in a fun, safe and accepting space.

Perfect for aspiring actors or comedians, those interested in debate or public speaking, improv builds confidence and encourages thinking on your feet. Participants express their own creative ideas through theatre games and story telling, they are also an awful lot of fun!


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