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Skreen/Dromard Drama Group

What Are The Odds?

Sat 20 Jan, 2024,
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Date Sat 20 Jan, 2024, 8pm
Location Hawk's Well Theatre
Price €15
The poster for What Are The Odds?, a Skreen Dromard Drama Group production. The title of the show is in the centre in large red lettering against a grass background

In a gripping tale of desperation and deception, Doreen and Peter find themselves in dire straits in their dilapidated apartment. When a mysterious stranger's untimely demise occurs under their roof, Doreen hatches a daring scheme: she'll make it seem like Peter is the one who's passed away to cash in on a life insurance windfall. As they navigate a web of deceit, their hidden agenda unravels amidst a cast of eccentric characters, all hungry for a slice of the pie.

The burning question: What are the odds this audacious gamble will succeed? Brace yourself for a thrilling rollercoaster of suspense and humor in this electrifying play!


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