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Pat and Faye Shortt

Knuckle Down

Fri 22 Dec, 2023,
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Date Fri 22 Dec, 2023, 8pm
Location Hawk's Well Theatre
Price €30
A promotional photograph of Pay and Faye Shortt.

Pat and Faye Shortt return with their new show “Knuckle Down”. After their sell out tour of “Well”, a collection of mad characters that won over audiences in venues throughout Ireland and Northern Ireland.

This father and daughter comedy duo have come together once again and are selling out venues across the country with their new show “Knuckle Down”. “Knuckle Down” shows off the incredible talent of these two performers, as they glide seamlessly from stand up to hilarious characterisation of everyday Irish people. They have the genius of taking everyday ordinary situations and making us laugh at the mundane. Previously described as being indigenously Irish in their approach and observation of characters.

The new show “Knuckle Down” doesn’t disappoint. Characters such as “Michael” (Pat Shortt) the hapless builder (Followed weekly on Tik Tok, X, Insta and Facebook by hundreds of thousands) seems to have the answer to all things that are wrong in the world and shares the advice gifted to him by his late grandmother from Tipperary. Another outrageous character is the “mother of the child” (Faye Shortt) at the school railings waiting to pick up her child PJ, it’s not like her at all to talk bad about anyone but she just can’t help herself, sharing her views on the school principal and her tummy tucking friend back from Turkey. The sharp wit and physical comedy genius of this comedic duo will have you in pain with laughter.


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