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Paperworld - Mimirichi

Sat 10 June, 2023,
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For ages 4+

Date Sat 10 June, 2023, 2pm
Location Hawk's Well Theatre
Price €9/30 Family of 4
A photograph of three men dressed as clowns, bursting through a white sheet of paper energetically. They're wearing white clothes which have rips, red clown noses and white face paint. Their eyes are covered with white half-spheres with holes in the center.

Ukranian, unique and utterly bonkers!

Come and enjoy the pure joy that is Mimirichi - fast-paced physical comedy, hilarious slapstick and the biggest paper fight in Ireland.

For ages 4+

Please go and see this, especially if you have children. Even if you don't, it's guaranteed entertainment on a paper plate

This Ukrainian clown show offered the happiest 90 minutes on the Fringe, succeeding in making young and old gurgle with laughter.

Beneath the fun and games there is something profound and profoundly moving going on, crystallized in the tremendous finale. Quite simply the show's big heart puts you in touch not just with your own humanity, but with that of your fellow man.


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