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Ken O'Sullivan

Into the Deep

Stories of exploring the underwater world of the North Atlantic

Thurs 26 Oct, 2023,
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Date Thurs 26 Oct, 2023, 8pm
Location Hawk's Well Theatre
Price €18/15conc./55 family of 4
An underwater photograph of a man filming a shark in the ocean

Ken O’Sullivan talks about his life and experiences as an underwater cameraman, documentary filmmaker and ocean conservationist in Ireland’s Atlantic waters. From freediving with blue whales the largest animal ever to have lived, to filming sharks, dolphins, and the magical underwater world around Ireland and his family’s 250 year history on Fenit island, Co. Kerry.

Ken has been an underwater cameraman and documentary film maker for eighteen years, producing documentaries that tell stories from ocean world around Ireland, Ken championed ocean conservation long before mainstream broadcast documentaries covered the damage within our oceans.

His 2019 book Stories from the Deep is critically acclaimed for its lyrical writing and descriptions of nature and animal encounters, as well as Ken’s honesty about his life as a film maker.

In his career he has produced and filmed seventeen documentaries winning awards all around the globe which have been broadcast in twenty five countries, he also worked as a cameraman for the BBC Natural History Unit.


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