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Jessica Wilson


Enmasse Session

Fri 22 Sep,

Enmasse session in the Hawk's Well Theatre Foyer
Suitable for children aged 7 to 12.

Date Fri 22 Sep, 4pm-6pm
Location Hawk's Well Theatre Foyer
Price FREE
Wacky photographic portrait of a woman with objects stuck to her head such as a straw, fork, wooden cogwheel.

If you missed out on the one-on-one sessions earlier in the week,
then join Jessica as she turns our foyer into a pop-up photo studio,
where kids get to create and snap a fun portrait of their parent.

A mobile photo studio and acclaimed interactive art experience that allows kids to turn the camera back on their parents.

Children are given permission to observe and portray their parent, while parents are able to experience being ‘seen’ by their child. Each child artist chooses an object, which best represents this adult subject, before art directing a creative portrait directly onto their adult’s face! Each artwork is captured by a professional photographer and becomes part of a public exhibition.


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