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Cyclone Rep

HAMLET: CyberMadness

Mon 26 Feb, 9.45am & 1pm & Tues 27 Feb, 2024, 1pm

For bookings: contact the Cyclone Rep Sales Team directly at 021 235 5356 or email

Date Mon 26 Feb, 9.45am & 1pm & Tues 27 Feb, 2024, 1pm
Location Hawk's Well Theatre
Price €18 per student (Teachers and SNAs come in free)
A photograph of a man sitting at a computer with his head bent down and hand over his forehead, against a background of neon lights with various logos. On the left is black and white image of a skull.

Cyclone Rep is delighted to announce their new production: Hamlet:CyberMadness. Cyclone Rep’s new adaptation of Shakespeare’s greatest tragedy continues with the company’s mission of presenting the work of Shakespeare to young audiences in an exciting, relevant and relatable way.

Cyclone’s newest production of Hamlet continues our mission to make the works of Shakespeare relevant for young audiences. In Shakespeare’s day, many mental health problems were simply labelled as ‘Madness’, a key theme in Hamlet. In this production we propose young Hamlet’s 'madness' is fueled by his addiction to smartphone technology, resulting in anxiety, paranoia, feelings of isolation and depression. Hamlet:CyberMadness will showcase great performances, enlightening discussions and the use of modern technology for an innovative take on this timeless classic that connects with students by bringing Hamlet and Shakespeare’s language into their world and times.

This show has been made possible with the support of the HSE Lottery Grant Award.

***** “Very innovative production. Great use of modern technology which enhanced the experience. Very innovative and thoroughly modern take on Shakespeare’s timeless classic, Macbeth” - Jackie Holly, English Teacher at Coláiste na Trocaire, Limerick reviewing The Macbeth Session: Profit Before People in 2023

***** “I liked how the audience was constantly engaged and I thought the modernisation of the play was very useful as it gave a better understanding of the text” - Student at St. Mary’s Secondary School, Co. Mayo, reviewing The Othello Session: The Colour of Skin in 2022

***** “Excellent analysis of key scenes with good discussion of themes throughout. Nice humour, questioning the plot, which assumed the student voice.” – Rebecca Buggy, Kilkenny Teacher reviewing The Hamlet Session in 2019

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