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Sinead Sexton

Time at the Well 2023 Artists

A black and white portrait photo of Sinead Sexton

We are thrilled to announce Sinead Sexton as one of our Time at the Well bursary recipients for 2023. Time at the Well bursaries provide artists with the time and resources to work on a creative project.

Sinead Sexton is a theatre practitioner and performance artist based in Sligo. She is primarily interested in women’s stories, particularly the hidden voices of the past and present that deserve to be heard. Sinead presents her work through archived material, music, mixed media, and spoken word. Since 2019, she has developed three iterations of scripts about the life of Eva Gore-Booth (Hidden Voices 2019, The Acorn 2020 and Gazelle 2021).

About Time At The Well: I am delighted to receive the support of the Hawk’s Well Theatre to develop ‘Gazelle’ further. This solo performance explores a day in the life of a tour guide, who plays the role of Eva Gore-Booth, through the themes of place, feminism and queer identity. The ‘Time at The Well’ bursary allows for me to work in collaboration with a creative team of women, to expand the script and design elements of the play, and to bring to light a more truthful expression of who Eva Gore-Booth was.