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Niamh McGrath

Niamh Headshot BW
Niamh McGrath was influenced by what has transpired during the 2020 – 2022 pandemic; a unique turn of events that affected her “bubble of one”. This resulted in Niamh starting to work on‘Bubble’, a one woman show.

Written and performed by Niamh the show is an experimental collaboration of multi-media, movement, theatre, and comedy that will leave you wondering who is in charge when the world falls apart. The show is built around a day in the life of a woman adapting to life alone during the covid pandemic. Summing up the piece, Niamh said; “Niamh is in a Covid bubble of one. The house is spotless, she has an unused virtual yoga subscription, and she has alphabetised the spice rack… again. But Zoom, sour-dough and 5K strolls take their toll on her isolation brain, and on day thirty-four, while contemplating re-grouting the kitchen tiles, her brain answers back”.