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iYeats International Poetry Competition Winners 2018 Announced

iYeats International Poetry Competition Winners 2018 Announced
18 July, 2018

Hawk’s Well Theatre is delighted to announce the winners of the 2018 iYeats International Poetry Competition. Judges Grace Wells and Martin Dyar considered a large volume of entries. Reflecting the truly global impact of the competition; the 2018 winner is poet Sighle Meehan, for her poem ‘New York, it had a ring to it’ deservedly winning the €500 prize. The emerging winner for poets of 16-25 years of age is Sarah Ang, Sinapore with her work ‘Helen’. Sarah will receive €300 prize. 

On the task of selecting winning poems the judges Grace Wells & Martin Dyar shared that “With extraordinary heart and delicacy, ‘New York, It Had a Ring to it’ brings together themes of immigration, resilience and love. It also presents a subtle evocation of the life of the imagination: the poem’s protagonist is defined as much by vision and verbal sensitivity as by hurt and desperation. There’s additional power in the poem’s uncanny spoken style, the effect of which is deepened by the decision to let punctuation and capitalisation bow to the felt reality of the narrative. But if ‘New York, it Had a Ring to it’ incorporates the rhythms and the intimacy of speech, it is also charged with an original urgency of passion. The beautiful closing line, emerging as it does from a sequence of dynamic and resonating images, reveals the hallmark of true poetic skill, and transports the reader to a place of profound feeling.”

Winner of the emerging poet category is Sarah Ang is a nineteen-year-old writer from the tropical city-state of Singapore. She has won multiple international awards for her writing, including first place in the IGGY and Litro Young Writer’s Prize, second place in the Blue Mountain Arts Poetry Contest, and third place in the Ledbury Poetry Competition for Young People.  Martin Dyar and Grace Wells commented “The poem ‘Helen’ is a new and invigorating poetic engagement with an old poetic source. There are remarkable achievements in the way the poet has located the humanity of the original myth and in their skill in presenting it through the medium of a voice that compels with a sense of real experience. But though we, as readers, directly access a vividly imagined world, the words which transport us are not simple; rather, they are deliberately strange, beguilingly original. ‘Helen’ is replete with confident abstractions and brilliantly arranged metaphoric gestures. And yet the poem’s intelligent obliqueness is no obstacle to understanding. To read ‘Helen’ is to encounter a subtle-minded, passionate character, a spirit dwelling in a poem.”


Highly commended poets in the general category:  Tree-lined Intravenous by Maeve McKenna and Traybakes by Glen Wilson.

The iYeats Poetry competition was launched by the Hawk's Well Theatre in 2009 to mark the 50th Yeats International Summer School and the 70th anniversary of the death of W. B Yeats.  The iYeats Poetry competition is an online national and international poetry competition which has won a prestigious reputation for the calibre of both entrants and judges, Grace Wells & Martin Dyar (2018) Previous judges have included Billy Ramsell & Jessica Traynor (2017), Moya Cannon & Colin Dardis (2016), Peter Sirr and Catherine Phil MacCarthy  (2014).  Katie Donovan and James Harpur (2013). Theo Dorgan and Paula Meehan (2012) Gerald Dawe & Enda Wyley (2011), Vincent Woods & Rita Ann Higgins (2010) and Niall MacMonagle & Mary Branley (2009).

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