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Winners of the Childrens Poet of the Year 2017 competition announced

Winners of the Childrens Poet of the Year 2017 competition announced
13 June, 2017

The Hawk’s Well Theatre fosters the importance of poetry with a Children’s poetry competition every year. Winners were announced at a prize-giving ceremony at the Hawk’s Well Theatre at 4pm on Yeats Day, 13th June, 2017. The theatre received a huge amount of entries and are delighted to announce details of the winning and highly commended poems that were entered into the Children’s Poet of the Year Competition. The winning poet is Molly Keady, from 6th class in Sooey National School. Four highly commended poems were written by Mark Tempany High Park National School, Skreen; Nancy Ryan-Jones from Taunagh National School, Riverstown, Co. Sligo, Lara Swann also from Taunagh National School, Riverstown and Catherine Coen from Sooey National School.


The winning poet has won a €100 voucher from the Hawk’s Well Theatre for their school to put towards their next booking and a trip for the whole class to Eagles Flying, Ballymote, the largest centre for birds of prey and owls in Ireland. During the highly entertaining and interactive bird show, the class will experience eagles, hawks, falcons, vultures and owls - an unforgettable experience for all. The four highly commended poets each won a €30 voucher to the Hawk’s Well Theatre. The winning poems will also be printed and displayed in Sligo County Libraries.


Winner  -  Molly Keady

I beat my wings with all my might.

I flap, I lift, I fall.

The others make it look effortless.

I try once more, with great concentration.

I flap, I lift, I fly.


Commended No. 1 Mark Tempany

Wild swan so graceful on the still lake

As you pass me by, not a sound you make

Not even a glance is cast my way

Minding your young for fear they stray

Oh swan! how ageless you appear –

could you perhaps be a child of Lir?


Commended No. 2 Nancy Ryan-Jones

Strolling down the damp path with every step

heavy under my cold feet,

I spot the graceful swans on the lake and

wonder how they stay so calm and neat.

They forever and always stay together in a pair,

Gliding around without a single care.

All together the flocks on the

glistening icy cold water.


Commended No. 3 Lara Swann

Great sadness comes upon him,

As he watches the swans fly away.

With elegance they fly together,

As one never going their separate ways,

Reminding him of the company he had

in those bygone days.


Commended No. 4 Catherine Coen

A single pure white feather,

Drifts limply from a crystal sky,

As I grasp at a fading memory,

Like a willow tree I weep,

My head bowed as I cry.

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