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Special Guest Lara Byrne at Three Thursdays: Books & Wine

Special Guest Lara Byrne at Three Thursdays: Books & Wine
21 October, 2016

Three Thursdays: Book & Wine Club is an informal, friendly event, in which invited guests share their passion for a favourite book.  In an unique twist the selected book is matched with a wine that complements the writing. At last week’s event the special guest was Lara Bryne, a creative and heritage researcher with a passion for literature. 

Lara chose the book 'Not The Same Sky' by Irish writer Evelyn Conlon.  The novel is set at the height of the Irish famine; when 4,000 Irish girls are rescued from workhouses and transported to Australia, under the Earl Grey Scheme.  The girls were also known as ‘famine brides’. All in attendance were enthralled as Lara detailed the bleak conditions of these girls both in Ireland and what became of them in their new lives.  Lara has researched the names of the girls from Sligo which fascinated those gathered and a robust discussion on the morals of era ensued.  

Wine expert, Bernard Daly from Hargadon Bros, Grocer, Wine & Spirit Merchants beautifully picked up on the journey of the girls following the theme of new life in a new land with a new grape for the time.  The syrah grape was surreptitiously smuggled into Australia via Sydney from France decades earlier. The grape followed the very same route as taken by the transportation ships and was planted in Hunter Valley. In the quality sandy soils the grape thrived and in this way Bernard paid tribute to the girls, uprooted from their homes, who succeeded in building new lives in a foreign land.  The wine presented Terra Monti Brion 2010 was full bodied and delicious.   

The nights have proven so popular that next event in November with special guest Elaine Cogill is already Sold Out. Hawk’s Well Theatre & Hargadon Bros, Grocer, Wine & Spirit Merchants are delighted with the response to date and requests to hold more events.  While the next event is at capacity, wine expert Bernard Daly is available to recommend wines that best fit your palate and your occasions by calling into & Hargadon Bros, Grocer, Wine & Spirit Merchants, 5 O'Connell St, Sligo.

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