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Secondary Students takeover Hawk’s Well with original production ‘The Ballad of Burke and Hare’

Secondary Students takeover Hawk’s Well with original production ‘The Ballad of Burke and Hare’
24 May, 2019

Hawk’s Well Theatre is pleased to report that The Takeover project was a resounding success. On Wednesday 15 May 2019, secondary school students of Sligo took over the Hawk’s Well Theatre. Presenting The Ballad of Burke and Hare, the students welcomed Hawk's Well visitors for two performances of an original theatre show at 11.30am and 8pm, produced and devised by them alone.

The Ballad of Burke and Hare, was written, rehearsed and performed in the span of a month and a half by fourteen secondary students. The play has been written and directed by Saul Harrison, Aidan Kelly, Kate Clarke and Oscar Mulligan and the cast included transition year and fifth year students from Summerhill College, The Ursuline College and Sligo Grammar School. Saul, Aidan, Kate and Oscar also performed in the play alongside Oisin Davey, Katelyn Rafter, Matthew Eglinton, Eoghan Donaghy, Tara Parkinson, Ben Cunningham, Leo Mullaney, Hanna Gielarowska, Ruby Wann and Ishbel Clarence-Ray.

The play takes place in 1820s Edinburgh, where down on their luck Irish immigrants William Burke and William Hare spot a grim gap in the grave robbing market, and the second-best surgeon Doctor Knox is growing desperate for a fresh corpse. A series of unlucky coincidences leads Burke and Hare to make bodies of their own. A drop dead comedy of love, murder and betrayal, the all student cast offer a twist on this true tale!

Putting our heads down to work morning to evening, casting, directing, working on stage design, laughing, arguing, laughing some more. It’s been a rollercoaster.” - Kate Clarke, 17

As an amateur writer getting to write and direct an original play from start to finish with a close group of friends? What an experience.” - Aidan Kelly, 17

It’s been an incredible experience from start to finish. Through this, I’ve expanded my ability as a writer and director and I hope to pursue it further in the future.” - Saul Harrison, 16

After writing and rehearsing this play with friends, my thirst to create has only grown.” - Oscar Mulligan, 16

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