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Scavenger Hunt Round Up

Scavenger Hunt Round Up
5 August, 2021

On Sat 14th July we staged an exciting family Scavenger Hunt, in aid of the Hawk's Well Rennovation Fund. We're delighted that all of our sleuths had such a fun time. Here's a round up of what went on. 

Since the event, we've receieved so many lovely photos, videos, and texts from everyone who took part in our recent Scavenger Hunt. We've seen some amazing dancing (and singing!), listened to and read some of the most wonderful stories, and spotted quite a lot of trees that look like people – like this one by Team Spanish Keka:

Above: A tree that is going “ooooooooh”

Many of the clues were open to interpretation, and it’s been so brilliant to see the scope of people’s imagination. There were stories of asteroids and unicorns, dancing by young and old, as well as some amazing found object art:


Artworks by The Cool Clan, Team Incredible, and Team In It To Win It

Sometimes it seems like there is so much that we can’t do right now – but how wonderful is it that we can still spend time in nature, we can still play and tell each other stories, and we can still find something new even in the most familiar surroundings? We’ve spent lots of time walking around Cairn’s Wood, but even the photo below was particularly surprising! When we wrote something that is put up in houses at Christmastime as a clue, we expected lots of photos of the many holly trees in the forest. But some wiley members of Team In It To Win It spotted this:

A view from the edge of the forest by Team In It To Win It

Some of you even managed to get two tasks into one photo, like Team Scavenger Hunters, who ticked off the tasks something old and something young with this photo below:

Fionnán Kelly of Team Scavenger Hunters


But the most beautiful things we received this week were the stories. Some teams wrote stories, some acted them out, and some recorded audio files. IIt's always nice to be reminded that we can enter a playful, story-telling space with our own family and friends, even during times when we are not sitting in theatres so often.


And now, the big moment … drumroll please … the winners of the Hawk’s Well Scavenger Hunt are …

First Prize: The Pine Cone Warriors

Second Prize: Team Yoda

Third Prize: The O’Sullivans


But because you are all so amazing, we have also granted honorary titles to other teams who took part. You are all winners to us! 

Most Rockin' Dance Around a Tree: Team GRJC

Best Storyteller Duo: Team FLIP IT

Best Story With The Most Twists and Turns: Team Scavenger Hunters

Best Short Film With An Unexpected Ending: Team Spanish Keka

Most Person-Like Tree That Looks Like a Person: Team Daffodil

Most Original and Lively Evidence of Animal Life: Team Incredible

Most Dramatic and Cinematic Dance Around a Tree: Team Sausages

Most Artistic and Hallowe’en-y Photo of a Cobweb: The Cool Clan

Most Original Use of Abba Music in a Forest: The Farrell Hunters

Most Magical and Dream-like Story: The Chosen Ones

Most Secret-est Secret Path: Team Moortinears


Thank you so much for taking part, and in doing so supporting the Hawk’s Well Theatre Renovation Fund. Construction works are slated to begin in Spring 2022!

We are encouraging businesses and individuals to donate to the fundraising effort, so do please feel free to spread the word – if you know anyone who would like to offer support, they can contact Jane Parsons by emailing 

Scavenger Hunt devised by Miriam Needham.  

Thank you so much again!

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