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Are We There Yet? New perspectives on nature, history and geography of N4

Are We There Yet? New perspectives on nature, history and geography of N4
1 September, 2021

On a sunny Sunday in June, five people walked the 16k of unfinished, unopened road from Castlebaldwin to Toberbride in Collooney. Their only job that day was just to be there. To listen, see, touch and smell – to get a taste of this stretch of green countryside now licked with a new coat of tarmac.

From that experience came original music, visual art, a brand new map, poetry and wonderful audio essays on the flora and fauna surrounding this previously unseen landscape.

On the week the new N4 extension is officially opened, you are invited to come to a unique exhibition in the foyer of Sligo City Hall. Instead of accelerating to 100k and flashing along the latest, new road, take a breath and dive in to new perspectives on its nature, history and geography.

Are We There Yet’ is a collaboration curated by Hawk’s Well Theatre Artist-in-Residence Eithne Hand.  The creatives are John Joe Kelly (music), Kari Cahill (visual art), Nigel Gallagher (photography and map making), Anya Murray (audio essays on flora and fauna) and Eithne Hand (poetry).

Speaking about the project, curator Eithne Hand said:
“There was something magical in the experience of seeing the mountains and surrounding countryside from a new perspective when we walked the road. The loudest sound was our own footsteps and that will never happen again. In organising this arts response, I wanted to respect the new landscape, let people know a little more about where they are passing through. Yes, we will all whiz along it soon, but this exhibition puts the brakes on, allows us to see more of the road while it is still less travelled.”

The exhibition “ARE WE THERE YET?” will take place in the foyer space at Sligo City Hall, Quay St, Abbeyquarter North, Sligo. 
It will open to the public in October 2021. Please check back for exhibition dates.

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