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In this thirty minute show, singer-songwriter Dan Leith brings us lots of furry fun with Woofle – a show about one Dan and his dog with lots of silly songs. From chasing bees and getting mucky, to taking a walk and having a bath, this quirky combination of video footage and live music gives an unusual view of the ups and downs of having a dog as your best friend.

The brainchild of writer-performer Dan Leith, the production was inspired by his own four-legged best friend Tyla Brown (who also stars in the show via video footage).  The show highlights the significance of pets and our relationships to them, particularly as children.  Well known to provide powerful mental and physical health benefits, our childhood experiences with our pets last a lifetime. Woofle is an irresistible tribute to the fun, playful and often slobbery unconditional love pets bring to our lives.
This project has been designed specifically for young audiences and family audiences with an optimal children’s age range of 4-10.  The show has already undergone significant development with a scratch version of the show having been performed on three occasions, receiving roundly positive feedback.

Suitable for ages 4 - 10. Duration: 30 mins