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The Tide



The Tide: Strangers on a Beach, both like to swim to forget the reality of their lives. Ivy (Ann Russell), a middle-aged woman in a deeply unhappy marriage. J.C (Killian Filan), a young man trapped with the step mother he inherited. Each of them has a dream of a different life. Ivy dreams of being swept away by a passionate relationship, she yearns for a lover to come to her out of the sea. J.C dreams of the Monte Carlo rally, of swimming the channel and going to America. We all dream! The Tide is a black comedy about the lengths this unlikely pair will go to, to make their dreams a reality. How far would you go for a dream? How far would you go for the life you want? The Tide is set in rural Ireland where seemingly ordinary people who never did anything “out of the way” decide that change must come. They use a Nissan Micra, a cabbage, and the memory of a dead goldfish to hatch a plot to make their dreams come true. Once they start on the journey there is no turning back. Once they start, they have to go where The Tide takes them. 

Humour and freshness to keep you engaged throughout - No More Workhorse

Sensational - The Arts Show

Enjoyable show with elegant writing - Irish Independent

Deliciously wry wicked humour - The Arts Review