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Fidget Feet Aerial Dance & Hawk’s Well Theatre

The Second Coming

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On this day begins an inspired journey to life rediscovered. Ireland’s greatest poet, W. B. Yeats has returned. This is the story of his second coming.

The Second Coming is a spectacle – a feast for the senses featuring traditional Irish music and dance, theatre, film and aerial circus. Witness a gravity-defying troupe of performers who will leave you spellbound.

Come and see the heart of Irish culture being set free and given wings to fly.

“... not only was our culture being set free, but it was being given wings to fly...” - Julian Erskine (Riverdance)

Welcome to our controlled explosion of the traditional world.

Yeats has returned.

This is the story of his second coming.

This is the music of our world wrapped around the visual beauty of the next.

This is the earthy rhythms of Ireland catapulted up into the air.

This is The Second Coming.

Fidget Feet Aerial Dance Theatre are a group renowned for breaking down the barriers of the traditional. Produced with the Hawk’s Well Theatre Sligo, in this show we bring together story, music, aerial circus and dance, examining the old and infusing it with the new.

Come and see the heart of Irish culture within the soul of its greatest poet.

'Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold; Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world' - The Second Coming, W. B. Yeats

Director: Mikel Murfi
Choreography/Video/Writing & Sound Scape: Chantal and James Daly
Musical Director and Composer: Michael Rooney
Performers: Keira Martin, Lee Clayden, Ashlene McFadden, Maire Dee, Ciaran Connolly, Kathryn Cooley & Sianna Bruce
Costume Designer: Abby Grewcock
Lighting Designer: Nick McCall


'like the cast of Riverdance has been plugged into a live socket…the Irish dance is both skilful and playful, while the aerial work is truly magical.’ The Scotsman ****