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The Poetry of Nick Cave

The Australian musician, singer-songwriter, author, is best known for fronting the rock band Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. His lyrics simmer with Biblical prophecy, violence, beauty & humour. In the company of author Gerard Beirne and guests Jullianna Holland and Ginger O'Keeffe, we delve into the power and impact of Cave’s work and influences. A treat for fans of Nick Cave and poetry alike.

Our host Gerard Beirne has been teaching writing for 25 years – recently 8 years at a Canadian University. A highly experienced literary magazine editor, he has published 6 books of fiction and poetry. A past winner of the Hennessy New Irish Writer of the Year Award, he was shortlisted for The Kerry Group Irish Fiction Award, The Danuta Gleed Literary Award, & the Bord Gais Irish Book Awards. His short story, Sightings of Bono, was adapted as a short film featuring Bono (U2).

“I have always read a lot of poetry. It’s part of my job as a songwriter. I try to read, at the very least, a half-hour of poetry a day, before I begin to do my own writing. It jimmies open the imagination, making the mind more receptive to metaphor and abstraction and serves as a bridge from the reasoned mind to a stranger state of alertness, in case that precious idea decides to drop by.” Nick Cave

Join us as we explore the lyrics and poetry of artist Nick Cave.