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Mary and Me

Set in Ireland in 1980’s, this seventy minute one-woman show is inspired by a true story, that of Ann Lovett, a 15 year old girl who died giving birth at a grotto in Granard, Co. Longford. Written and performed by Irene Kelleher and directed by Belinda Wild, the subject of the story is still relevant today.

The play follows the life of Hannah, a young woman in the months before she gives birth, the everyday happenings in her life; her maths tests, art projects and relationships with boys and family. She shares these events with the statue of Mary and in the company of Mary Magdalene in the local village grotto. Mary and Me is a compellingly original and often humorous imagining of a young woman’s search for understanding and meaning at a time of turmoil in her life.

After five star reviews at the Brighton Festival, and an invitation to appear at PERCEPTIONS, the new festival of women’s writing in London, Mary and Me now embarks on its first Irish tour.  

Followed by a chat show with the writer and performer Irene Kelleher and Una Mannion.

“It’s many writers’ dream to have their first play be as good as this… Kelleher pulls it off perfectly. 
Not only is she a brilliant performer, whose commanding energy fills the space, but she is also an exceptionally talented writer, having penned a script with an abundance of character that builds a world around Hannah so vividly it could succeed in any space.”

"Despite the dark subject matter, this superbly crafted piece wasn't maudlin.”
“A moving and important tragedy.”  

"Written and performed with huge delicacy and skill...
Mary and Me is a beautiful, one-woman show...
Mary and Me is a moving new play, with a fantastic performance from Kelleher, who also marks herself out as a writer to watch...
Moving one-woman show sensitively written and deftly performed by promising Irene Kelleher.

“A powerful and moving production.”
“A gripping and absorbing one woman show”

"Kelleher’s performance is riveting..
she wrings every emotion from her own script in this outstanding solo show...
Clever, simple staging and excellent sound design provide atmosphere.
You could not pray to see much better in this Fringe."

"Kelleher is magnificently talented....
Her naturalistic portrayal is heart-wrenching."
... Mary and Me appeals to every compassionate theatre lover...
 A compelling performance of gripping new writing based on a true story."