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Cairde Sligo Arts Festival

Headstuff Lectures

Talks About Stuff You Didn't Think You'd Care About...

Join comedian and presenter Gearóid Farrelly for a fun night of 'Lectures' with wonderful speakers talking passionately about different topics. They could be about frog memes or democratic revolutions. They could also be about Erwin Schrodinger or Paris Hilton. Or anything in between. HeadStuff lectures are not mass, not school and definitely not Ted Talks. Speakers include: Kevin McGahern, Eve Darcy, Ciaran Conliffe, Aine Gallagher & Tony Cantwell.



Talks About Stuff You Didn’t Think You’d Care About…

Some of the lectures for the night have just been revealed and include:

How To Give The Best Best Man's Speech by Cathal Toe (Kevin McGahern)

An Idiot's Guide To Being A Human - Eve Darcy

(Basically it's about life and whether or not there's any meaning to it) 

Stanley's Last Trip: An Itinerary of Errors - Ciaran Conliffe

This is the story of one of the last great Victorian adventures in Africa. A tale of reckless incompetence, of death in the Congo, and of a scandal that tainted a proud Irish family's reputation forever after.

Irish Matters - Aine Gallagher

Irish Matters'...'an exploration of why speaking Irish is exactly the same as making mug cakes'.

Soft As Shit Priests: - Tony Cantwell

An investigative deep-dive into the softening morals of the priesthood compared to their predecessors a decade or two ago - priests have gone soft, and Tony is here to expose it.