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Fred & Alice

A blistering head wreck played at a hilarious pace!

It’s not easy to get by in this crazy old world is it? But Fred and Alice have discovered that all you really need are two tennis rackets, disproportionate reactions to minor accidents, an immature coping strategy and each other.

Fred and Alice first met in the home. It wasn’t really a home but Fred always called it a home because that was where he lived, and if you are not living at home then where are you? It was love at first sight for Alice. Fred didn’t talk to her again for years but then eventually Fred got used to her and it was love at first sight for him too.

From their days in care, to independent living, Fred and Alice negotiate the perils and pitfalls of life and love. Come see this joyous celebration of individuality.

Fred & Alice is a play written by John Sheehy, produced by CallBack theatre. The play previewed in Friars’ Gate Theatre, Kilmallock, Co. Limerick and the Half Moon Theatre Cork and premiered in Bewley’s Café Theatre Dublin in February 2013. It has received rave reviews, fantastic audience reaction and performed in front of sold-out houses night after night. CallBack Theatre was awarded a Touring and Dissemination of Work Grant by the Arts Council for Fred & Alice. 

Fred & Alice did a week’s performance in the Oran Mor, Glasgow, last May where it played to packed houses and received a 5 star review from The Herald Scotland.  While in Scotland it also performed at the Monachyle MHOR Festival and the National Independent Schools' Drama Association Conference.  

“Whirling Comedy..Imaginative and escapist theatricality. Ciaran Bermingham gives a superb and moving performance...freewheeling devices that delight and chill...a charming encounter led by an encouraging, unconventional melody”  - The Irish Times

“A special piece of work…above the ordinary” – Insert Title

“this is a joyous celebration of a couple that could have been society’s rejects” – 4 STARS Irish Examiner April 2014
“Exceptional performance from Cora Fenton” - The Irish Mail on Sunday

“You laugh out loud - of course you do, because there's an infectious doolally energy to the way Fred and Alice go about things. But then, and sometimes in the same moment, there's a prickle of tears that has you swallowing hard because what makes Fred and Alice special to each other is often tagged as "special needs" by the expert caring community” – The Herald Scotland

“As children, and now as adults, they're locked into a system where other, well-intentioned, people decide what's best for them. Fred and Alice, however, have their own bolshie ideas on that - and moving out, being together, is the dream they share. Just like every couple who meet and fall in love” – The Herald Scotland

“That melding of comedy with uncondescending frankness is what gives Sheehy's script its emotional curve balls” – The Herald Scotland 

“it's the remarkable performances from Ciaran Bermingham and Cora Fenton that deliver the full whammy” – The Herald Scotland 

“when, tennis rackets/ air guitars in hand, they rock the universe - or Wembley, their imagined venue of choice - all's right with their world. Please some-one, tour this round Scotland” – The Herald Scotland

“Conclusive Script and Strong Characterisation.....The Eloquence and fluency of both actors is remarkable” -

“a charming and uplifting dash of theatre” -

“Fred and Alice make wonderful company for each other and for us...Lively, imaginative and life affirming”. - Irish Theatre Magazine

“Fred and Alice is not to be missed! Ciaran and Cora put on riveting performances as two people with OCDs….written superbly…… I will remember some of the scenes for a long time. It was a packed house and everyone applauded long and hard” – tripadvisor

“Splendid Production and Powerful Performances” – Joe Duffy Presenter RTE

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