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Connaught Flute Styles

with Stephen Doherty, Liam Kelly and John Wynne

Flute players of all ages interested in improving their technique and expanding their repertoire will enjoy this very special workshop series. Led by renowned traditional flute players Stephen Doherty, Liam Kelly and John Wynne these workshops offer participants a flavour of different flute styles and tunes from around the province.

6.30 - 7.30pm: Intermediate: Aimed at people who are able to play at sessions and who are interested in developing their ornamentation techniques and playing style. For those who are starting to develop an understanding and interest in different flute playing styles.

8 – 9pm: Advanced: Aimed at people who play at a higher technical and stylistic standard. For those with the ability and interest in analysing and having a deeper understanding of the stylistic nuances of flute playing.

These workshops are delivered over zoom.

Limited capacity. Early booking is advised.