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Hawk’s Well Theatre

Come Together - The Cultural Companions Collective

local artists paired with people cocooning alone to produce new pieces of work

Come Together - The Cultural Companions Collective 

Hawk’s Well Cultural Companions was an initiative set up last year with the aim of providing increased opportunities for older people to engage with Sligo’s vibrant cultural and arts scene by setting up a network of people who would accompany each other to cultural events at the theatre.

Our current closure and the fact that the over seventies have been cocooning over the past few weeks has inspired us to revisit this project as we are acutely aware that in these uncertain times, connecting with and supporting each other in new ways has become more important than ever before. We want to embrace connectivity with older people who are cocooning alone, while supporting our treasured artists at this difficult time.

We are going to pair five local artists with five older people (hosts) cocooning alone. Over the course of a month the paired artist and host will get to know each other through a series of conversations, after which the artist will write an original piece of work inspired by the host and their conversations together. This new piece of work will be performed in the host’s own home to an invited audience in due course when such an interaction is allowable.

ARE YOU AN OLDER PERSON COCOONING ALONE AND INTERESTED IN BEING PART OF THIS PROJECT? Please contact us by email by 5pm Friday 29th May on to register your interest and find out more.