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Andy Irvine

Legendary Irish singer/songwriter Andy Irvine has an impressive repertoire of Irish traditional songs and dexterous Balkan dance tunes. He creates an exciting new fusion of Irish and World Music not to be missed.

Having travelled the world with bands such as Sweeney’s Men, Patrick Street, Planxty, and more recently Mozaik, Andy continues to pursue new combinations and styles of music. He has broadened his musical horizons over the course of his forty-year career to encompass the musical styles of countries he visits, such as the Balkan folk style of playing. 

Between the achievements of his solo, group work and collaborations, he is a highly revered troubadour of the Irish music world.  Andy Irvine never fails to deliver a pulsating, heartfelt performance!

His artistry is quite simply unique and his voice is as liltingly evocative as ever, the songs as pointed and poignant, beautiful and sad.  Never tire of the road, Andy! Independent

Andy is like an old friend.  I’ve known his unique voice for so long – from Sweeney’s Men to Planxty, from his duo with Paul Brady to his solo performances.  His singing is pure emotion.  His playing is both delicate and energetic.  Andy invented the interlaces of bouzouki, mandolin and mandola in Irish music.  He’s often been mimicked, but never equalled. 
Andy Irvine is Woody Guthrie’s representative on earth.
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Andy Irvine is someone whose singing I have always loved.  He always takes you to the place he’s in.  He creates a world …  Andy singing a song like Bonny Woodhall or West Coast of Clare, or a song like The Jolly Beggar, songs of another era, but tapped into beautifully by Andy and his treatment of them.                  Donal Lunny