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Theatrical Niche Ltd

A Doll’s House

based on HENRIK IBSEN'S classic tale

Mr & Mrs Helmer are the iconic power couple. They excel at work, staying on top, socialising. They excel at excelling.
But as his autobiography rolls out around Christmas-time, it seems there are a few things that Mr. Helmer may not have mentioned in the foreword. Exploring stigmas around gender expectations and mental health, this artful adaptation focuses on the impossible idolisation of one 'perfect' woman, by a man who walks with weights around his ankles. Incorporating visually-stunning choreography and emotive, real-life verbatim interviews, Theatrical Niche's contemporary version will rocket Ibsen's famous tale into a hugely relevant re-telling for modern audiences.

4.5 stars from London critic Michael Davis: "Most inspired... I’ve seen numerous productions of A Doll’s House over the years, but this is the first one that’s fleshed out what was hiding in plain sight"
Review from LondonTheatre1: "Theatrical Niche should take huge credit...the choreography was indeed emotive and the use of real-life accounts resulted in moving moments of physical expression... some remarkable actors"

Suitable for Ages 12+