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"Brilliant, Neil Delamere never disappoints" Said 'Steve Harrington said about 'Neil Delamere: End of Watch'

"Fabulous evening, a great show, well done to everyone" Said 'Karen Harte said about 'The King & I'

"Stunning performance from Irene Kelleher, great vision in the writing, excellent" Said 'Mary Banks about 'Gone Full Havisham'

"What a magnificent show, beautiful songs, warm atmosphere" Said 'Helen Foster about 'Eddi Reader'

"Very funny, really enjoyable" Said 'Patricia Carroll about 'WANTED - One Body!'

"Another powerful performance from Jack L, what a voice" Said 'Carol Deeney about 'Jack L: Northern Lights Tour'

"An amazing moving laugh out loud show all about being a woman in Ireland past, present and future" Said 'The Womens Group from Rabbits Riot Theatre Company about Eggsistentialism'

'Fantastic family night out, thoroughly enjoyable ' Said Margaret Phelan about 'Aladdin'

'Absolutely brilliant, fabulous ' Said Mary Gallagher about 'Both Sides of the Lock'

'Thoroughly absorbing show, beautiful songs ' Said Sinead Keane  about 'Declan O'Rourke'

'Masterful performance, entralling play' Said Lucas Kelly  about 'Tom Crean'

'An enchanting evening, Paul Noonan has some wonderful material ' Said Patsy Kilfeather about 'Paul Noonan'

'What a gig, the Delines were terrific' Said Carl Woodson about 'The Delines & Cafe Spice'

'Hilarious, reall, really funny show' Said Pamela Jennings about 'Reginald D Hunter'

'Astounding harmonica player, Don Baker was just brilliant' Said Frank O'Rourke about 'Don Baker Band'

'Quirky and brilliant in equal measures, great show' Said Eamonn Dolan about 'David O'Doherty: Ultrasound'

'Brilliant play, terrific script' Said Anne Charles about 'Wet Paint'

'Fascinating presentation from Colin, wonderful images' Said Paul Lappan about 'My Wild Atlantic Journey with Colin Stafford'

'What a charming play, great performances from Una Crawford & Bryan Murray ' Said Miriam Cunnigham about 'Halcyon Days'

'Magnificent, a beautiful show' Said Maread Cannon about 'Between Your Love And Mine'

'Brilliant evening, great band of musicans' Said Pascal Maguire about 'Gentle on My Mind - The Glen Campbell Story'

'Impressive performances from Donal O'Kelly & Sorcha Fox' Said Victoria Sweeney about 'Cambria'

'Outstanding one man show. John Kenny is exceptional' Said Padraig Malloy about 'Crowman'

'Really thought provoking. Beautiful music' Said Pauline Ferguson about 'Culture Night - Rafeef Ziadah & Sorcha Fox'

' Terrific show, and  a really great talent' Said Morya Porter about 'Anais Mitchell'

'A fabulous journey encompassing History, Irish Language and the baking of bread. Manchán is a fascinating host ' Said Raymond O'Malley about Arán & Im: Manchán Magan''.

'Fabulous quartet, highlight of the week so far ' Said Maebh Regan about 'Michael Pipoquinha Quartet'.

'Privilege, to watch such a talented Lady, very special evening .' Said Maebh Regan about 'Peggy Seeger'.

'We need more shows like this, Brilliant.' Said Margaret Clancy about 'Uprooted'.

'Spectacular show, fantastic' Said Noel Blake about 'The Legends of American Country Show'.

'Another fabulous play from Mikel Murfi. A worthy follow on from 'The Man in the Woman's Shoes' Said Bridie Burke about 'I Hear You and Rejoice'.

'Thoroughly entertaining, Shane is a very charismatic performer' Said Margo Fahey about 'Shane Martin- Wake Up You're Here'.

'Outstanding. A great night showcasing the up and coming talent here in Sligo' Said Pat Feehily about 'Kieran Quinn's Teenage Theme Showcase Arena Anthems.

'Another mesmerising show from Fidget Feet, magical' Said Oona Loughlin about 'Hatch'

'Fabulous performance from Clare Monnelly, totally absorbing play' Said Eve McGoran about 'Charlie’s A Clepto'

'Wonderful two hander, beautifully acted ' Said Pat O'Connor about 'The Matchmaker'

'Great effort by everyone involved, thoroughly enjoyable ' Said Martin O'Dowd about 'Juno & the Paycock'

' Excellent evening ' Said Dessie Keenan about 'Big Maggie'

'A mighty session, fantastic ' Said Ollie Collins about 'KGB'

'Beautiful selection of songs, wonderfully sang ' Said Shane McManus about 'Song Circle: Michele Feeney'

'Superb gig, excellent set' Said Cian Driscoll about 'Bell X1 '

'Mighty show, and what a voice' Said Deborah Currid about 'Patrick Feeney's Country & Gospel Concert'

'Jason Byrne on top form tonight,hilarious' Said Mark Brennan about 'Jason Byrne – You Can Come In, But Don’t Start Anything '

'Hilarious, best show in a long time' Said Harry Kennedy about 'Fly Me To The Moon'

'Really enjoyable, great night out' Said Andy Maguire about 'Pinocchio'

'What a show' Said Michael Regan about 'Special Consensus Bluegrass Band'

'Lovely show, memorable evening' Said Siobhan McMorrow about 'Matt Molloy, John Carty, Brian McGrath & Arty McGlynn'

'Really enjoyable afternoon, lovely atmosphere' Said Lynn Fenwick about 'Folk Babies'

'What a fantastic show, thoroughly enjoyable' Said Joseph Dalton about 'Reeling In The Showband Years'

'Fantastic show, as always, from Coolera, great energy from start to finish' Said Roisin Craven about 'Rumplestiltzkin'

'Fabulous production from the Sligo Fun Company, terrific spectacle' Said Mary Gorman about 'Sister Act'

'What a wonderful show, beautiful songs' Said Elizabeth Conway about 'Ralph McTell'

'Really loved the show. The music was beautiful ' Said Emma McBride about 'A Winter Wish'

'Exceptional one man show. Terrific performance from Donal O'Kelly ' Said Evonne McMahon about 'Bat The Father, Rabbit the Son'

'What a fabulous evening, beautiful music ' Said Milo Kelly about 'Niamh Crowley & Kieran Quinn'

'Outstanding show, and a great set by the guys ' Said Donal Sheerin about 'Don Baker & Rob Strong'

'Very enjoyable evening, incredible talent ' Said Philip & Frances Tierney about 'Tea Dance'

'A brilliant talent' Said Aoife Davey about 'No Smoke Without Fire'

'A great talent with wonderful material' Said Michael Waters about 'David Kitt'

'Another hilarious Tommy Marren Comedy, great craic' Said Lisa McGarry about '3 Hail Marys'

'Fabulous evening, eclectic mixture of musicians' Said Isabelle Leary about 'SJP All Stars'

'Very enjoyable, great vibe' Said Mark Collins about 'Headstuff Lectures'

'Absolutely Fantastic, played a lot of our favourites' Said Patsy Gallagher about 'The Legends of American Country Show'

'What a lovely evening, excellent ' Said Helen Tucker about 'Songs for the Lifeboat'

'An honour to see Christy Moore on the Hawk's Well Stage' Said Patrick Doyle about 'On The Road, Christy Moore Solo'

"What a legend......I was there last Friday night....... one if THE best shows I have ever been to!" Said Veronica Ryan about 'Christy Moore'

'Very strong performances from Steve Blount and Clare Barrett, great chemistry on stage ' Said Laura Ryan about 'Minding Frankie'

'Fabulous show, terrific cast, will live long in the memory ' Said Deborah Nicholson about 'A Doll's House'

'Terrific two hander, outstanding performances ' Said Nick Rose about 'The Good Father'

'Great nostalgic evening, the girls were fab ' Said Pat Munroe about 'SHOUT! : The 60s Mod Musical'

'Magical show, my daughter was entralled'  Said Cliodhna Doyle about 'Twinkle, Twinkle'

'Terrific ensemble of musicans, beautiful music' Said Jo Gallagher about 'Heidi Talbot, Breanndán Ó Beaglaoich, John McCusker & Paul Meehan'

'Wonderful evening, fabulous music' Said Susan Devaney about 'The Unwanted Pay Day Album Launch'

'Another great play from Seamus O'Rourke' Said Ann Gallagher about 'From Under The Bed'

'Very enjoyable. Great idea to have plays on at lunchtime' Said Sally Meehan about 'My Left Nut'

'Best Music Show at the Hawk's Well this year. What a voice!' Said Shauna Murphy about 'Jack L'

'Masterful performance' Said Patricia Kelly about 'I Hear You And Rejoice'

Just a fabulous show, always enjoyable' Said Helen Banks about 'The Man In The Woman's Shoes'

'Wonderful music, a special night' Said Mike Leahy about 'Tradroque'

'Another fabulous Druid production' Said Tim Farrell about 'Waiting for Godot'

'Thoroughly enjoyable evening, wonderful material' Said Finoula McNeil about 'The Secret Sisters'

'Wonderful play, very well acted' Said Tom Morrison about 'Someone who'll watch over me'

'Great night, terrific effort by all those involved' Said Ethan Cooper about 'Sligo Acts: Husbands & Wives'

'Absolutely fantastic! Brilliant performance by Shane O'Regan, a great talent' Said Oisin Keighron about 'Private Peaceful'

'Sandy Kelly was on great form, great night' Said Mary Nolan about 'Sandy Kelly - Patsy Cline: Music and Memories'

'Wonderful musical journey' Said John Hayes about 'Jarlath Henderson Band'

'Really enjoyable evening, lovely set of songs' Said Frances Sweeney about 'Liam Lawton'

'Eddi Reader always delivers a great show, and tonight was no exception' Said Maeve McLynn about 'Eddi Reader'

'Hilarious from the first minute, brilliant evening ' Said Sorcha Brennan about 'Jason Byrne: The Man With Three Brains'

'Wonderful music and a lovely intimate setting on stage ' Said Karen Reardon about 'Laoise Kelly & Tiarnan O'Duinnchinn'

'Privilege to see such a wonderful talent ' Said Peggy Daley about 'Charlie Landsborough'

'Lovely evening, wonderful music' Said Maureen Kennedy about 'Frances Black & Kieran Goss'

'Thought provoking evening, beautiful music' Said Emma Nolan about 'First Light with Adrian Crowley & Nocturnes'

'Terrific group of musicans, Great evening!' Said Paul O'Rourke about  'Niamh Parsons, Ciarán Tourish, Liam Kelly and John Doyle

'Thoroughly enjoyable evening, some great performances' Said Kelvin Dwyer about 'The Wizard of Oz'

'Another wonderful evening with Ronan and the Showband cast' Said Michael Doyle about 'Reeling in The Showband Years'

'Brilliant evening and a terrific set of musicans' Said Cian Murphy about 'Declan O'Rourke - The Chronicles of the Great Irish Famine'

'Very entertaining, spectacular set as usual. The kids loved it' Said Marie Keane about 'Babes In The Wood'

'Fabulous evening, great energy' Said Connie Kelly about 'Moxie'

'Intriguing piece of theatre, very gripping' Said Kevin O'Malley about 'Star of The Sea'

'What a fascinating evening, Colin is a great storey teller' Said Dennis Brady about 'Living a Wild Life: Colin Stafford-Johnson'

'Another stunning production from Ballet Ireland' Said Sarah Grace about 'Romeo & Juliet'

'Privilege to witness such great talent on the stage together ' Said Val Ashton about 'Máirtín O’Connor, Cathal Hayden & Seamie O’Dowd'

'Terrific show' Said Mick Gallagher about 'Present Laughter'

'Very enjoyable evening, hilarious' Said Siobhan Feeney about 'Present Laughter'

Great set, and a lovely cast' Said Joe Mullen about 'Present Laughter'

'Wonderful collection of original material from Kieran Quinn' Said Mel Blake about 'Kieran Quinn: Our Place'

'We had a lovely night, hilarious' Said Patricia Murray about 'Turning Mammy'

'Lovely children's show, the kids loved it' Said Eimear Connelly about 'Kyle Riley: Little Folk On Tour'

Fascinating evening, excellent' Said Marjorie Devaney about 'Ruby Wax: FRAZZLED! Mindfulness'

'A privilege to witness Martin Hayes. Gifted' Said Alex Reilly about 'Martin Hayes & Dennis Cahill'

Another intriging play from Theatre Lovett,Brilliant acting' Said Lisa Harte about ' They called her Vivladi'

'Great raconteur, very enjoyable' Said Mel Foley about 'Some People v. Reginald D Hunter'

'Terrific double bill, a great start to the Sligo Live Weekend' Said Brian Currid about 'The Slocan Ramblers & Old Hannah'

'Super show, great craic' Said Pat Glavin about 'Fat Chancers'

'Superb, wonderful production' Said Shoon Murphy about 'Wuthering Heights'

'Always a privilege to watch such a talented performer' Said Marjorie Gordon about 'Seamie O'Dowd'

'Magnificent show, brilliant atmosphere, what a talent' Said Connor MacPhail about 'David O'Doherty'

'Fabulous performance from Phelim Drew, thought provoking piece' Said Margaret Riley about 'Down and Out in Paris and London'

'Beautiful set of songs, wonderful voice' Said Jim Douglas about 'Donna Taggart: Jealous of The Angels'

'Quality line up of exceptional musicians' Said Paul Kusher about 'Guitar World'

'Mighty craic, Conal Gallen delivers again' Said Patrick Kelly about 'Conal Gallen: How's Your Father?' 

'Thoroughly enjoyable evening'' Said Martin Conlon about 'Mike McGoldrick, John Doyle & John McCusker'

Highlight of Jazz festival, stunning performances from Soweto Kinch and Virgil Donati' Said Nick Launay about Soweto Kinch & Virgil Donati

'Wonderful array of talent on stage, engrossing' Said Pat Curran about 'The SJP ALL STARS 2017'

'Fascinating synergy of WB's words and the Christine Tobin's wonderful vocals' Said Aidan Crowley about 'Sailing to Byzantium- Christine Tobin'

'Another fabulous Kieran Quinn evening,Keep them coming' Said Paul Metcalfe about 'Kieran Quinn's Theme Night 18'

'Very lively debate, very thought provoking' Said Miro Sander about 'What we see and What we Know'

'Excellent, wonderfully funny' Said Mark Tulley about 'Straight Outta Connemara'

'Strong cast and very entertaining' Said Una Goulden about 'Anna Livia Lesbia '

'Terrific voice, a pleasure to finally see Vonda live' Said Sean Kelly about 'Vonda Shepard '

'Beautiful performance and a unique setting on stage' Said Pat Taylor about ' Michael Rooney & June McCormack

'Engrossing performance, very funny' Said Heather McHale about 'Broken Promise Land '

'Totally brilliant performance ' Said John Hayes about 'Forgotten'

'Wonderful show, great on stage chemistry between John Kenny and Mary McEvoy' Said Megan Reilly about 'The Successful TD'

'Stunning show, electric performance from Wallis Bird' Said Jenny Byrne about 'Wallis Bird'

'Highlight of our week here in Sligo' Said Margaret Sorenson about 'Kevin Burke'

'Really loved it' Said Sorcha aged 5 about 'The Far Field'

'Terrific show' Said Myra Carroll about 'Creaking'

'Great evening, full of energy, brilliant' Said Sorcha Carroll about 'We Banjo 3'

'Fabulous evening ' Said Pat Kelly about 'Kings of Country Show'

'An acting Masterclass by Pat Kinevane ' Said Moira McGuire about 'Silent'

'Great night out, some fab performances' Said Carla Nevin about 'Teenage Theme Showcase'

'Delightful performance, and such wonderful material, highlight of our stay in Ireland' Said Max Steinberg about 'Tim O'Brien'

'Hilarious, very entertaining' Said Marion Currid about 'Eilish O'Carroll Live, Love, Laugh'

'What a great performance from Katie O'Kelly' Said Will Byrne about 'The Olive Tree'

'Thought provoking, and well executed' Said Ardal Conlon about 'TOST'

''Wonderful material, beautifully played' Said Will O'Hanlon about 'Song World'

'Hilarious, PJ Gallagher had us in stitches. Very well observed comedy' Said Cliona Doyle about 'PJ Gallagher - Dickhead' 

'Fantastic voice and a great showman, loved it' Julie Higgins said about 'Jack L - Magic days'

'Another great night at the Hawk's Well, fantastic show' Oisin Bruen said about ' Sligo Academy of Music Gala'

'Stunning. What a performance from Aidan Dooley' Martin Edgar said about 'Tom Crean - Antartic Explorer'

'Great show as always, Mary was on great form tonight' Said Maureen Powell about 'Mary Black'

'Fantastic show, the kids were enthralled ' Said Gabby Higgins about 'Strange Feathers'

'Outstanding choreography, brilliantly executed ' Said Mel Talbot about 'Hang On'

'Wonderful array of talent on stage, memorable ' Said David O'Malley about 'Remembering 2016'

'Terrific show, very sharp humour'  Said Una Hargreaves about 'Looking Deadly

'Magical' Said Carla Feeney about 'The Room on the Broom'

'Great production by the Lough Gill Players, very funny' Said Dervla Finnegan about 'Canaries'

'Deep meaningful songs, beautifully sung' Said Paul Mahon about 'Mick Flannery'

'Powerful piece, extremely well written' Said Mark Hogan about 'Blinkered'

'Lovely show, kids loved it' Said Claire O'Neill about 'Woofle'

'Such an accomplished show, really enjoyable'  Said David Doogan about 'Darrell Scott'

'Loved it, absolutely brilliant' Said Mary Dooley about 'Ridiculous'

'Always a night full of laughs with Neil Delamere' Said Marcy Allen about 'Neil Delamere: Handstand'

'Fantastic show, the kids were entralled' Said Susan Devlin about 'The Wolf & Peter'

'Terrific Performance by Margaret McAuliffe, a great talent' Said Evelyn Purcell about 'The Humours of Bandon' 

'Lovely songs and a very enjoyable evening' Said Eadaoin Maguire about ' Kieran Quinn & Seamie O'Dowd: Album Launch'

'Fantastic show, a brilliant performance by Don Wycherley ' Said Mary Gallagher about 'My Real Life'

'Beautifully intimate atmosphere, excellent' Said Pam Feeney about 'Brid Harper & Tony O'Connell'

'Bewitching performances, stunningly good play. ' Thomas O'Hara Said  about 'Fred & Alice'

‘Superb performance by Eddi, beautiful voice.’Said Thomas Sweeney about 'Eddi Reader'

'Hilarious show, Jason Byrne was in rare form.' Said Nuala Henry about 'Jason Byrne is propped up'

'I couldn't help hanging off every word, just beautiful' Said Aisling Mannion about ' I Hear You & Rejoice'

'Thought provoking piece, stunning performance by Mikel Murfi' Said Oisín Keighron about 'I Hear You & Rejoice' 

'Intricate stage craft, a compelling play. A fulfilling night.' Said Margaret Ryan about 'I Hear You & Rejoice'

'Always a magical evening'  Said Sean McHale about 'The Man in The Woman's Shoes'

 'Great to see such young and up & coming talent. A very proud Grandmother' Said Peggy O' Dwyer about ' Maye School of speech and Drama'

'Great fun and for a great cause, well done' Said  Vinny Cawley about 'Rapunzel'

'A spectacular evening, wonderful music' Said Sorcha Harren about 'Niamh Crowley: Music & Memories'

'Beautiful music, a most engaging evening' Said Dervla McPartland about 'Kris Drever, Julie Fowlis, Aoife Ní Bhriain & Padraig Rynne'

Enchanting music, a lovely atmosphere in the foyer' Said John Hayes about 'Beethoven Babes'

'Des Bishop never disappoints, great new show' Said Cliodhna Doyle about 'Des Bishop - One Day You'll Understand'

'Hilarious show, great effort by the cast and crew' Said Cathy Gilmartin about 'It Runs In The Family'

'Fantastic show by the Fun Company, really enjoyable evening, a great cast' Said Grainne Mulrooney about 'Oliver'

'Always a great evening, brings back happy memories' Said Mary Clancy about 'Rolling In The Showband Years'

'Spectacular show, a privilege to witness it. ' Said Aoife Kelly about 'The Macalla Suite'

'Great music, wonderful songs' Said Thomas Keeney about 'The Fureys'

'Mighty Craic, non stop laughter' Said Paddy Brennan about ' Nobody's Talking To Me'

'Great festive tunes, very enjoyable' Said Sinead Pyne about 'Christmas With Anything Goes'

'Wonderful family show and fantastic effort from Coolera' Said Niamh Feeley about 'Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves'

'Terrific evening, beautiful music' Said Joe Dunne about 'Phil Coulter'

'Wonderful effort by the young musicans, perfectly complemented by the senior musicans' Said Aoife Kelly about 'Chanter & Strings'

Always a pleasure to see Michael Harding on stage, excellent.' Said Colm McGowan about ' An Evening With Michael Harding'

'Great effort by the cast of the Sligo Drama Circle, thoroughly enjoyable' Said Maeve Kelly about 'Big Maggie'

'Brilliant observed comedy, excellent' Said Donagh Cahill about 'Andrew Maxwell: Yo Contraire'

'Another astonishing show from Monkeyshine,what talent' Said John Hayes about 'Voyage'

'Amazing show, the kids were enthralled' Said Lisa Carr about 'Cinder & the Ellas'

'Great performance from Mary Lou Quinlan' Said Ann Curry about 'Godbox''

'A Feast of Bones' was... amazing!!
Our 42 YT members were blown away. All of them! No matter the age. Many said they hadn't seen such a good show in years.
It feels so invigorating to see a show built upon so much craft, ideas and wit... They treat us as an intelligent audience and last but not least, they are GENEROUS!'Said Jean Marie Perriniti about 'A Feast of Bones'

'Wonderfully charming evening, thoroughly enjoyable' Said Peggy Whelan about 'Ralph McTell'

'Great to see Deirdre back on the stage, funny as ever' Said Pascal O'Connell about 'Deirdre O'Kane'

'Privilege to watch such a talented group of musicians' Said Molly Higgins about 'Guitar World 2'

'Wonderful musicians, beautiful music' Said Eve Lavin about 'Sonamus'

'Great to see Louise on the road again, great night.' Said Bar Collins about 'Louise & Norman  Morrisey'

'What a lovely experience, well done to the Hawk's Well' Said Wilheim Krantz about 'Culture Night'

'Kids loved it, terrific little show' Said Margret Lee about 'The Wonderful Tune'

'An enchanting evening' Said Pat Kelly about 'Ceol Le Chéile'

'Great energy on stage, lovely material too.' Said Andy Moran about 'Dean Gurrie'

'Always a great show, tonight was no exception' Said Aoife McGovern about 'Cherish The Ladies'

'Great trip down memory lane ' Said 'Pat Henney' about 'Indian'

'Fantastic performance by Mary McDonnell, brought a tear to my eye ' Said 'Vinnie Holland' about 'Myra's Story'

'Very enjoyable evening ' Said 'Mary Gilmartin' about 'The Casey Sisters'

'A great array of talent, very enjoyable ' Said 'Peggy Hogan' about 'Hawk's Well Theatre Celebration Night'

'What a privilege to see such a great talent ' Said 'Sam Dooley' about 'Tommy Emmanuel'

'Great finale to a great week of concerts' Said 'Adam Fox' about 'SJP All-Stars'

'Fantastic energy on stage from Academy players' Said Nora Hogan about 'Sligo Jazz Generations'

'Great start to the Sligo Jazz Project and a great set by 'The Impossible Gentleman' Said 'Brendan Keane' about 'The Impossible Gentleman'

'Very strong performance from Seamus O'Rourke' Said 'Grainne Gallagher' about 'Danger Money'

'Fabulous set from Declan O'Rourke, beautifully crafted songs' Said 'Padraig Fallon' about 'Declan O'Rourke'

'Hilarious, a great night out' Said 'Noleen McLynn' about 'The Full Monty'

'Lovely New Orleans ragtime sound, a rare treat' Said 'Cait Houlihan' about 'The California Feetwarmers'

'Hilarious, a very enjoyable evening' Said Peggy Feeney about 'God Bless The Child'

'That was a wonderful evening.....a great set list'  Said Maeve Rooney about 'Anything Goes With The Dublin Gospel Choir'

'Very dry humour, great show'  Said Mark Conroy about 'Reginald D Hunter'

'Absolutely brilliant, magical evening' Said John Hayes about 'La Boheme'

'Unbelievable performance from Tom Hickey, stunning' Said Jack Conroy about 'The Gallant John Joe'

'Fantastic evening, terrific music' Said Dara Davey about 'We Banjo 3'

' Very Sharp and witty, great evening' Said Connor Folan about ' McSavage Dreams of Murder'  

' I didn't understand every word, but the poetry was universal' Said Thierry Fehrmann about 'Rafeef Ziadah'

'Great follow up and another fantastic show by Mikel Murfi'' Said Eamonn Jackson about 'I Hear You & Rejoice'

'Very Witty, Hilarious show' Said Aoife Gallagher about 'David O'Doherty'

'Fascinating talk, very insightful' Said Deborah Murray about 'Ireland's Weather, A Journey Through Time'

'Powerful and thought provoking, excellent' Said Oisin Keighron about 'Language Of The Mute'

'Stunning visuals to complement a fabulous trad session'' Said Sorcha Gallagher about 'Before We Change Our Mind'

'Terrific evening, wonderful medley of songs' Said Peggy O'Hara about 'Kieran Quinn's Piano Man Theme Night'

'Hilarious, a great evening's entertainment' Said Mairin Slevin about 'The Nualas - The Glitterbomb Tour'

'Another winner from the Crokey Hill Players, Hilarious' Said Padriac Muldoon said about 'Nobody's Talking To Me'

'Congratulations to Everyman Productions, excellent show' Said Nessa Collery said about 'Don't Tell The Wife'

'Really interesting and engaging throughout....Hilarious' Said Siobhan Tully, Roscommon Community College about 'Cyclone Rep's Shakespeare Sessions

'Powerful show...outstanding cast' Said Paul Feeley about 'Madame De Markievicz on Trial'

'Terrific Gig, Great Musicians' Said Francis McManus about 'Andy Sheppard with Shakespeare's Songs'

'Fascinating piece,Excellent'  Said Thomas McGoldrick about 'Bob Kelly - Bless The Mark'

'Very enjoyable and a great set' Said Daniel Bobbins about 'Translations'

'Very funny,lots of laughs' Said Peggy O'Keefe about 'A Wake in The West'

'A great performance and a fascinating play' Said Tony McGowan about 'Charolais''

'Lovely intimate gig' Said Pat Stanton about 'Krista Detor'

'Hilarious, very witty and great timing' Said Evelyn Kelly about 'Weighing-In'

'Great evening, some mesmerising guitar playing' Said Patrick O'Sullivan about 'Guitar World'

'Wonderful evening, great harmonies and very enjoyable anecdotes between songs ' Said Laura Kelly about 'Frances Black & Kieran Goss Reunion'

'Unforgettable' Said Thomas Davey about 'Annie'

'Great fun, non-stop laughter ' Said Kyle Mullen about 'I'm The One For You'

'Hilarious, one of this country's greatest comedians', Said Maraise Sweeney about 'CTRL + ALT +DELAMERE'

'Great girls night out, brilliant', Said Patricia Hegarty about 'Menopause The Musical'

'A masterpiece' said David Conroy about 'The Man in The Woman's Shoes'

'Very enjoyable comedy, very funny' Said Eamonn Dolan about 'Turning Mammy'

'A privilege to see such a wonderful performer, thank you' Said Eileen Feeney about 'Mary Black'

'Absolutely fascinating, very enlightening' Said Tim Grogan about 'Looking At The Stars'

'Such a great array of talent on the one stage, a treat' Said Carole O'Mara about 'Kieran Quinn's Nashville Theme Night'

'Hugely entertaining, a lovely evening' Said Sinead O'Hara about 'Tim O'Brien & Arty McGlynn'

'Brilliant show, very, very funny' Said 'Patrice Courbire'

'Enthralling, another gem from Seamus O'Rourke' Said Milo Harper about 'Indigestion'

'A wonderful trip down memory lane, excellent entertainment' Said Paul Nicholson about 'The Showband Years'

'Some great festive songs, lovely way to start Christmas week'. Said Tony Glavin about 'Christmas with Anything Goes'

'Fantastic family fun, the kids loved it' Said Margaret Gannon about 'Christmas Toons'

'Another great panto by Coolera, the kids loved it.' Said Joe McMahon about 'Peter Pan'

'Enchanting, another great show by Monkeyshine' Said Margaret Devlin about 'Little Light'

'Very entertaining evening, a credit to all those involved' Said Amanda Scanlon about 'Sligo Sings' 

Wonderfully entertaining evening' Said Oliver Morris about 'Phil Coulter'

'Great new show from Des, buzzing' Said Eamonn Gavin about 'Des Bishop'

'Brilliant performance by an amazing talent'  Said Marion Harte about 'Beowulf'

'Superb. Outstanding production' Said Sorcha Collins about 'Coppelia'

'Fabulous gig, great to see them here in Sligo' Said Donal Moore about 'The Delorentos'

'A pleasure to see so many wonderful guests, fully deserved tribute for Sandy'' Said Padraig O' Keefe about 'Sandy Kelly'

'Exquisite music' Said Oisin Keighron about 'Martin Hayes & Dennis Cahill'

'Great show, Can't get the songs out of my head' Said Tom Davey about 'Grease'

'Enjoyed every minute of it, what a great singer' Said Patsy Brady of 'Paul Byrom'

'Great Voice, Great Performance, Great Show' Said Lizzy Canning of 'Jack L'

'What a great array of characters, very entertaining.' Frances Gilligan said about 'Oliver Callan''

'Hilarious evening'  Gerry Roche said about ' Victor's Dung'

'Wonderfully intimate and atmospheric evening.' Mark Vine said about 'Johnny Duhan'

'Great singer and a great repertoire of songs' said Pat Kerly said about 'Tommy Fleming'

Well done for bruinging such a high profile act to the Hawk's Well, great set.' Alex Burke said about 'Bell X1'

'Terrific entertainment. Thanks for a great week of shows' Yvonne Kelly said about 'Ssh We Have A Plan'

'Great fun, thoroughly enjoyable for the kids'said Laura Rooney about 'The Storyhunters'

'What a great show,' Nuala McGarry said about 'Paper Bubbles'

'Beautiful, magical show, my daughter was enthralled.' Tricia Gallagher said about 'Bláth/The Flower'

'Wonderful end to the Sligo Live festival' Said David O'Dowd said about 'Altan'

'What a lovely evening Ralph, played a beautiful set' Said Gary Mooney about 'Ralph McTell'

'Incredibly emotive, terrific night' Said Philip O'Rourke about 'When Peace comes dropping Slow'

'Best piece of Theatre at the Hawk's Well in years.' Said Ronan Keane about 'Star of The Sea'

'Great show, well worth the wait.' Said Colm Brennan about 'Bagatelle'

'Fantastic show, it was deeply moving.' Said Katie Somers about 'Requiem for Julie'

'A Wonderful, deep meaningful set by John, Declan and Damien.' Said Pat Gormley about 'The New Triangle'

'Great ensemble piece, but Jarlath Tivnan steals the show.' Orla Parkes said about 'Vernon God Little'

'What a great repertoire of songs. A great entertainer.' Said Val McGuinness about 'Albert Hammond'

'Wonderful Theatre and a stunning set.' Said Peggy Neiland about ' The Playboy of the Western World'

'Great show as always from Joanie and the band.'Said Jo Taylor about 'Cherish The Ladies'

'Terrific performance by Sonya Kelly and an excellently crafted piece of theatre' Said Jill McGloin about 'How to Keep an Alien'

'Wonderfully absorbing piece, beautiful.' Said Stephen Boyd about 'Revolutionary Strings

'Very enjoyable talk, look forward to Sligo Gaol night next week' Said David Kelly about 'Sligo 1916, The Way We Were'

'What beautiful lullabies, my baby was entralled.' Said Madeline Conroy about 'Codladh Samh'

' 'Enthralling, thought provoking piece. Great score from John Daly' Said Joe O'Keefe about 'Beneath The Bone Moon'

'Mary McDonnell delivered an exceptional performance, excellent.' Said Maura Rafferty about 'Myra's Story'

'Highlight of the Fleadh week so far, great energy'. said Kathleen Gallagher about 'Danu'

'Fantastic as always. Our kids had a great time'. said Orla Murphy about 'Speks'

'Blown away by that. Great gig' said Dervla McGowan Said about 'Flook'

'A fantastic concert. Michael Rooney is a very gifted harpist.'  Said Clare Mulrooney about 'Strings of the Heart'

'A privilege to hear Liam O’Flynn on the uilleann pipes‘  Said Julian Strauss about 'Liam Flynn, Paddy Glackin & John Doyle'

'Delightful performances from Michelle & Louise, great material'  Said Tomas Kelly said about 'The Mulcahy Family'

'Terrific show, always great to see Kieran Quinn on stage'. Mechael Strachan about 'Cathy Jordan & Friends'

'A thoroughly enjoyable afternoon, Colm had the audience in the palm of his hand. ' Martin Glover said about 'Colm O'Donnell & Friends'

'Great Craic.Three virtuoso musicians working incredibly well together 'Said Clare Bonner about 'Oisin Mac Diarmada, Brian Fitzgerald & Michael Rooney'

'Great performance by Brian Rooney, wonderfully talented musican'. Said Padraig O' Hara about Brian Rooney & Brian McGrath

'Beautiful arrangemnents, a lovely evening' Said Alison McHale about Fleadh Fusions 2015

'Fantastic show, terrific concept' Said Maxine Dupree about 'The Second Coming'

'Best night out in a long time' Said Frances McRyan about 'Swing Sligo'

'Dhafer Youssef transported me to a different planet tonight in the Hawk's Well Theatre, Sligo. Ancient music and future music - an entrancing mix.' Eddie Lee

'Great entertainment, very funny....Sligo Drama Circle deliver again' Said Aisling Maguire about 'Moll'

'Congratulations to all the performers, great show' Said Leo O'Rourke about 'The Big Top'

'Great Chemistry between John Kenny & Mary McEvoy, Hilarious.' Said Geraldine Kelly about 'The Matchmaker'

'Very entertaining, great musicans' Said Oisin Kavanagh about ' Lunasa'

'Donal and friends provided wonderful entertainment. Great stories, Great songs.' Said Veronica Callaghan about 'The Dude McLynn'

'Always a pleasure to see a craftsman like Mikel Murfi on stage with this fantastic show.' Said Colm Rooney about 'The Man in The Woman's Shoes'

'Wonderfully eclectic mixture of traditional dance and music, beautifully crafted alongside Yeats poetry.' Said Deborah Mulrooney about 'Teada'

'Druid deliver a magical night again. Marty Rea is fantastic as Richard II. 'Said Alice McGovern about 'DruidShakespeare'  

'A beautiful show which was so true to Oliver Jeffers book - really impressed with the amount of work that went into this and the result was fantastic. My 5 year old son absolutely loved it' Said Kieran Cathcart about The Way Back Home

'Another enchanting evening with Brian Leyden ' Said Helen Kinsella about 'Old Flames- Bealtaine Festival 2015'

'Terrific performances from Aonghus Óg McAnally & Lorna Quinn' Said Charlotte Brady about ' The Games People Play'

'Fantastic show. Mick at his deep, brooding best.' Said Sarah McGoldrick about 'Mick Flannery'

'Brilliant, Mikel Murfi's performance is stunning.' Said Alisha McDonagh about 'The Man in The Woman's Shoes''

'A spectacular night of music at the Hawk's Well, thoroughly enjoyable.' Said Tony Feehily about 'Kieran Quinn's Film Theme Night''

'Eamon Morrissey gave us a lovely treat. A story well worth telling and very well told' Said Isabel Claffey about 'Maeve's House'

' I didn't want it to end, lovely performance ' Said Mary Gaffney said about 'Freddie White'

'Great craic, Conal Gallen always delivers' Said Ramsey Bolton said about 'Conal Gallen: A Bit on the Sunny Side'

'Seamie O'Dowd is terrific,a great night of music'  Said William Mullen about ' A Night for Baby Rory Gallagher'

' Wonderful harmonies, and another lovely evening at the Hawk's Well.' Said Margaret Farrelly said about 'I'm With Her'

' Absolutely beautiful, and very visual. The children loved it, the interaction with the audience was fantastic.' Said Mary Fee about 'The Elves and the Shoemaker'

'A true celebration of a wonderful career, thoroughly enjoyable.' Said Imelda Joyce about 'On My Station, a celebration of Brian Leyden'.

'A compelling story brilliantly told by Pat Kinevane'. Said Lorna Connelly about 'Underneath'.

"I thoroughly enjoyed Ballet Ireland’s performance last night (Tutus & Beyond). Such a wonderful programme, such superb dancing. Thank you so much"  Adrienne Lee

'Very Eclectic evening and very enjoyable. Great opening from Ursula Burns and Jane Milligan has a lovely voice.' Donal Marsh about "Bright Side of Life Gala Concert"

'Lords of Strut rock!' Said Lily (aged 7) about "Lords of Strut: Family Show"

'Great show guys' Said Mary O'Brien about "Lords of Strut: CHAOS"

"Another wonderful evening with Kieran and Ann, beautifully crafted songs" Said Louise O'Connor about "Kieran Goss"

"Extremely enjoyable, a very well crafted piece" Said Angela McDermott about "Little Gem"

"Inspiring and  thought provoking story, very well told. Excellent!" Said Deborah Harris about "Bassam"

"Lots of laughs, and a great cast" Said Deirdre Mullen about "The Constant Wife"

"Great blend of talent" Said Eugene Perry about "John Spillane with Padraig Rynne’s Notify & Pauline Scanlon"

"Hilarious, thoroughly entertaining evening" Said Brid Murphy about "Cash On Delivery"

"Great effort from everyone, very enjoyable" Said Orla Sweeney about "Wizard of Oz"

"Lovely evening, wonderfully diverse performers" Said Meg Ryan about "Sinead Farrell Fundraising Concert"

"Great show and I just loved the dog" Said Gerardine McKinney about "Sweet Charity

"What a wonderful voice, a 'perfect' evening" Said Cathy Kehoe about "Eddi Reader"

"Brilliant as usual and a great atmosphere" Said Sorcha Brennan about "The Fresh Prince of Delamere"

"Michael talks so poignantly about Cavan and his mother, lovely rapport with the audience." Said Vanessa Job about "Hanging with the Elephant"

"Absolutely stunning "Said Niall McGovern about "The Girl who forgot to sing Badly"

"Virtuoso performance by Donal O'Kelly " Said Elaine Gallagher about "Catalpa"

"Amazing show and a great ensemble cast" Said Dessie Sherrin about "Little Shop of Horrors"

"A fantastic effort from everyone involved, well done" Said Marie Scanlon about 'The Snow Queen''

"Hilarious, Brilliant gig" Said Kate McManus about 'Jason Byrne- You Name the Show'

"Fabulous evening, The Fureys music is so uplifting" Said Siobhan Mahon about 'The Fureys'

"What a great evening, so many wonderful talents on stage together" Said Dermot Brady about 'A Night for Thom'

"A lovely evening, always a pleasure to listen to Maura O'Connell" Said Joe Feehily about 'Maura O'Connell, Karan Casey, Martin Tourish, Ed Boyd'

"Wonderfully eclectic performance, thoroughly enjoyable" Said Brian Farrell about 'Duke Special'

"Brilliant, absolutely Brilliant !" Said Lorna O'Malley about 'Sea Road Sessions'

"Took me back in time, to the good old days!" Said Orla Mitchell about 'Reeling in the Showband Years'

"Fantastic array of talent, wonderful songs" Said Margaret Mulrooney about 'Reeling in the Showband Years'

"It's brilliant, it's my second time seeing it!". Said Virginia Mulligan about 'It's The Real McCoy'

"Lovely night, what a fantastic collection of musicans". Said Clare Collinson about 'Trad for Trócaire'  

'I loved it' Said Jack (aged 8) about 'Anything Goes'

"Lovely evening. Coolera always delivers". Said Pat O'Connor about 'Jack & The Beanstalk'

'Wonderful as always, Well done to Coolera''. Said Duncan McDonald about 'Jack & The Beanstalk'  

'Fantastic evening. A great spectacle'. Said Maura O'Rourke about 'Jack & The Beanstalk'

 'Brilliant' Adam McGuire (aged 6) said  about'A Most Peculiar Wintry Thing

'Incredible singing, had us dancing in the aisles. A lovely evening'. Said Ronan McManus about the 'Harlem Gospel Choir'

'Funny, thought provoking and always entertaining.' Said Gavin Maguire about 'Panti High Heels in Low Places'

'A very special evening, lovely music' Said Brian McHugh about 'Jimmy MacCarthy'

'Beautiful, an amazing evening.'Said Helen O'Mara about 'Swanlake'

'Thanks Mr Bassman @EdSligo and many talented friends for great night's entertainment at @HawksWellSligo' Said Brian McHugh about 'Heh Mr Bassman'

'Absolutely Brilliant, Fantastic Cast' . Said Maura Maguire about 'The Far Off Hills'

'Intriguing play and a great ensemble cast' . Said Peggy O'Sullivan about 'An Enemy of the People'

'What a wonderful musical journey with the maestro' . Said Mary Harte about 'Phil Coulter'

'Jack had us in the palm of his hand, great show and a great showman' Said Lucy O'Shea about 'Jack L'

'Brilliant, still haven't stopped laughing. A great night at the Hawk's Well' Said Cliodhna Doyle about 'PJ Gallagher'

Great entertainment and a very enjoyable evening.Said Pat Connelly about 'The Two Loves of Gabriel Foley'

Absolutely beautiful. Said Gill Hewitt about 'Neither Either'

Brilliant performance from Gerard McCarthy. Said Steven Mills about Jonathan Harker and DRACULA''

Great entertainment. The kids loved it! Said Milo Donnelly about 'Jackula'

Brilliant show and the set was beautiful. Said  Lisa O'Kane about 'Losha'

Wonderful show, my baby was entranced. Said Aisling Hayes about 'Tiny'

'Great Finale to end the Sligo Live Festival at the Hawk's Well, well done!' Said Dahey O'Dwyer about 'We Banjo 3, Tommy & Louise McCarthy'

'Stunning! Michael McGoldrick is a genius' Said Patrick Maguire about "Michael McGoldrick Quartet"

'Another brilliant night in the Hawk's Well. Fantastic music!'. Said Eileen McMahon about "No Crows & O'Hooley and Tidow"

'It made Shakespeare more understandable', said Nessan Leydon about "In Acting Shakespeare."

'Red Molly..three talents shine seamlessly together, then singly, always equally.Thumbs up to Hawk's Well  for a superb sound and mix'  Eugene McGloin, Sligo Now

'Powerful from beginning to end' Mark O'Brien said about 'Defender of the Faith'

'Beautiful music, great, great show' Peder Dinkledge said about 'Andy Irvine & Donal Lunny’s Mozaik'

A beautifully crafted show' Peter McClune about "The Importance of Being Wilde"

Wonderful energy, absolutely fantastic! Jackie Salisbury said about "The Big Bang"

Magical just magical! Jesse White said about "Rian Unplugged"

A virtuoso performance from Gerry Farrell. Edna O'Malley said about "An Ordinary Man"

Absolutely brilliant, we could do with him everyday! Said Michael and Sally Conlon about "Conal Gallen"

Wonderful. Fantastic music! Highlight of our stay in Sligo. Said Johan Hoevenberg said about ''Mairearad and Anna & Almost Unwanted"

The kids were entranced with the show. A lovely set too. Margo O'Dwyer said about 'Set Sail'

Another virtuoso performance from Seamus O'Rourke. Donal McSharry said about 'Padraig Potts' Guide to Walking'  

Great show and congratulations to all the performers, sang their hearts out. Margaret Maguire said about 'The Magical World of Music'

Such a fantastic night! Great to see such different styles of fiddle playing combined so well together. Really experimental combining modern pieces with traditional Irish music. World Class! Annmarie Hough said about 'Blazing Bows'

Thank you for thinking of the little ones in our lives during the fleadh, it was so nice to have something to bring them to. It was absolutely gorgeous, the setting, the music and the beautiful voices. Please pass on our utmost compliments to them all.  Said baby Luke and his mum and dad about ‘Codladh Sámh’

Exceptional! I didn't think this week could get any better. Joanie Madden was unbelievable. Colm Donnelly said about 'Western Highway

What a wonderful concert. This has definitely been the highlight of the trip. Fantastic! Jackie O'Neill said about 'Dermot Byrne, Brid Harper and Donogh Hennessy''

One of the high points of the Fleadh so far. Lucy Holman said about 'The Mairtin O'Connor band'

Another fantastic evening. We're being spoiled every night .Peggy Schulz said about 'A Trip to Sligo'

A lovely eclectic mixture of talent. Niamh Dunne has a wonderful voice. Paula Devlin said about 'Homeward Bound'

Beautiful music and a beautiful evening. Eileen Connolly said about ' The Boroimhe Suite'

What a fantastic way to kick off the Fleadh! The Dervish shows are always terrific. Niamh McBride said about ' Fleadh Fusions'

I think the adults enjoyed the show as much as the kids. We'll be back on the 17th. Jennifer Kelly said about 'Codladh Samh'

Beautiful....very, very relaxing, just a lovely afternoon. Michael Walsh said about 'Codladh Samh'

An amzing performance by Mikel Murfi. I was entranced by the whole show. Aine Conlon said about 'A Man in a Woman's shoes'

A Special talent. Amazing performance from Christian and the band. Paul Chambers said about 'Christian Scott'

Steve Rodby was on great form. Wonderful night. Patricia Hart said about 'Drum and Bass'

Loved the intimacy of the gig, wonderful introductions to each song. Geraldine O'Gorman said about 'Alan Broadbent'

Great atmosphere and the band played at a very high level. Very good interaction with the audience.Philippe Gendreau said about 'The Bad Plus'

Great set design, perfect casting, very strong show.  The Beezneez Company should be very proud.  Vanessa Scanlon said about 'The Lonesome West.'

Just Fantastic! A beautiful piece of work. Loved the after show bop too. Suzy Conroy said about 'Swing'

A fascinating series of talks, very informative. Nora Kilfeather said about 'The Way We Were'.

Bardzo fajna i prawdziwa historia,prawdziwa tęsknota za NASZYMI CZASAMI za czasami bez kompa,tabletów itd...... To był miły wieczór Very cool and true story, a real yearning for OUR SOMETIMES for sometimes without kompa, tablets, etc. It was a nice evening;)  Malgorzata Rogowska about 'Bubble Revolution.'

A very original and interesting insight. A trip back in time. Slywia Uryga said about 'Bubble Revolution'.

Great evening. Really enjoyed it. Mary Quill said about 'Rachel Allen.'

A tasty evening. Full of colourful food, good company and a great setting. Cliona Tinsley said  about 'Pop-up Brazil'

Fantastic! An uplifting evening.....had us all singing along. Brian O'Neill said about 'Anything Goes and The Dublin Gospel Choir'

Very thought provoking piece. A powerhouse performance from Padraic McIntyre. Michelle McHugh said about 'A Night in November'

What a lovely evening. A perfect mixture of songs beautiflly played by Colm and the band. Mary Carroll said about 'Songs from Home'

Thanks for grand gig. Enjoying CD very much too. Annemarie Delmotte said about NoCrows CD Launch

Interesting and thought provoking play. Very moving. Teresa Fawls about POSTSCRIPT

Maddy Prior is as good as ever. Utterly Staggering. John Stygall said about 'Steeleye Span'

What a wonderful evening. The ballet was a delight, a lovely story that came to life thanks to the wonderful ensemble of dancers. Said Elaine Reilly about The Little Mermaid

Feedback about 'The Second Coming'.It was a fantastic evening last night. Amazing show. Well done ! Des Power
Absolutely stunning show - beautiful mixture of styles of movement, great music - well worth seeing. Gill Bell
An Absolutely Brilliant show. World class. Carmel Jennings
Don't miss this tomorrow night. Frances McGowan
Amazing stuff. Love love love it! Chris Bradley
Brilliant show ,enjoyed every minute. Samantha Sheridan
Absolutely amazing show. Enjoyed every minute of it tonight. Mary Conboy
The Second Coming this eve was brilliant! Full of energy and I hope I can get back to see it tomorrow. Brid Torrades
Fantastic co-production from @HawksWellSligo & @fidgetfeetdance tonight! Looking forward to June! Pic by @Vee_Sca  Electric Green
i'm envious of the folks going to see The Second Coming tonight at the @HawksWellSligo it's a bit of magic in Sligo @fidgetfeetdance Val Robus
What an amazing show The Second Coming is by @fidgetfeetdance Go see it tomorrow at @HawksWellSligo  #sligowhoknew Niamh Nic Ghabhann
Amazing and breathtaking @fidgetfeetdance at the @HawksWellSligo another show tonight. Annie West
Congrats to @fidgetfeetdance and @HawksWellSligo, every second of that standing ovation was earned a hundred times over. Chris Tierney
Marie O'Byrne director opening @fidgetfeetdance #sligo tonight. Terrific. Congrats @SligosBuzzin Senator Susan O’Keeffe
No excuses... Go go go.... Sat night Second Coming Senator Susan O’Keeffe
What an amazing show The Second Coming is by @fidgetfeetdance Go see it tomorrow at @HawksWellSligo  #sligowhoknew Val Robus
Still some tickets left for #thesecondcoming @HawksWellSligo for tonight & tomorrow. Spectacular & mesmerising danceshow. Not to be missed. Sligo Supply Centre
My photos from The Second Coming by @fidgetfeetdance Check it out tomorrow and Saturday at @HawksWellSligo #Sligo Val Robus

Great performance from Harry Bird and the Rubber Wellies. Said Vanessa O'Donovan

Really was beautiful. Such an amazing singer in such an intimate venue. Loved it. Said Mary O'Loughlin about Beth Nielson Chapman

Well done to all Sligo Youth Theatre: audience went home very happy . Said Susan O'Keeffe about Sligo Youth Theatre's Arabian Nights

Always a great show....and a great cast......Thank you!  Said  Patricia Crowe about Conal Gallen's ' A Bit on the Side'

Godspell at the @HawksWellSligo is excellent. Said Val Robus about The Ursuline College's production of Godspell

It's a very tender play and honest ... I think it's marvellous. Said audience member at post-show discussion about The Abbey Theatre's Quietly

Excellent, was hilarious...each character had me in stitches. Would highly recommend it. Said Ben Gallagher about I do not like thee Dr.Fell

Just home from @theSpeks with the family after our Jenny won tickets great show really enjoyed it. Said Billy Horan

Thanks to all involved with the @Fishamble production of Little Thing, Big Thing, powerful performances and very relevant @HawksWellSligo. Said Jamie Murphy

Wonderful, poignant performance from @TheatreLovett today. Love the romanticism of the old American big top. Said Vanessa Job about Mr. Foley, the Radio Operator by Theatre Lovett

My 6 year old went with her buddies. A great time had by all. Well done Guys. Said Vanessa O'Donovan about Book Toons by Anything Goes

Hilarious, Genius idea, music and comedy mixed together. Great night. Said Niall Molloy about David O'Doherty

Absolutely brilliant nights entertainment in the @HawksWellSligo with 'Man in the Woman's Shoes' followed by a very insightful discussion. David Kelly

Brilliant evening , well done, funny, entertaining and beautifully pure music and wonderful lyrics, the time went far too quickly. Paddy Lennon about Kieran Goss

A very professional show with talented cast and crew. Most enjoyable. Definitely recommend. Anne McElhone about Calamity Jane

Saw Tom Crean in Andrew's Lane in 06 without the kids. Brought them tonight and we all loved it. Sensational. Mairéad Maguire

Amazing! I saw it twice in August and again tonight. I'm actually going to book for Saturday too as I absolutely love this production of Jesus Christ Superstar.Well done to all involved, Said Maura Keenan

Sligo General Hospital Panto is a hoot! Kudos to the staff who have raised nearly 180K for local charities over the years. Said Sligo Events about Alice in Wonderland

Thankyou for a great night at The Colleen Bawn, fantastic performance, hats off to all in Druid said Séan McDermott about The Colleen Bawn.

Really love the idea behind this. Fantastic idea and fantastic show. Said Elaine Connolly about Homeward Bound.

Loved it, could listen to Dirk all night. Love his voice. Said Mick Maloney about Dirk Powell, Brendan Gleeson, Francis Gaffney and Mike McGoldrick

Amazing, fantastic show. Really in the christmas spirit now. Said Joe about Christmas Toons

Every year it gets better and better. Wouldn't be Christmas in our house without Coolera Panto. Said a member of the audience after Sunday night's show.

Really enjoyed it. A lovely mix of both Irish and English makes learning our native language so much fun for our children. Said Maura O'Shea about Branar's Twas the Night Before Christmas

A wonderful production of Carmen from Ballet Ireland. Very different and engaging. The live flamenco music worked really well. Congratulations to all involved. A well deserved standing ovation at end! Said Mary McGowan

Hilarious, great to see Lionel back on the stage. The set was